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Logo Testing: What It Is and How to Do It?

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Your logo is the face of your business. When you are launching a new business, you need to design a logo that is recognizable by your audience. It is from the company logo that you can easily recognize the different models of Cars, like Ferrari or Mercedes Benz. 

This is why logo testing becomes one of the most crucial aspects of the branding process. 

In this blog, we will dive into the logo testing process, understand what it is, why it is important, and how to test a logo.

What is Logo Testing?

Logo testing refers to a process used to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of a logo design on a target audience. It includes sharing your logo designs with your target market and gathering their feedback and insights to determine how well your logo represents your brand, communicates its intended message, and resonates with the target market.

It helps you examine the effectiveness of the logo designs. You also learn the different appeal, relevance, etc., of each design you have created for your business logo. As a result, you can pick the best logo design for your company/business.

Paul Rand’s Logo Test

Paul Rand was best known for his Corporate Logo designs. His logos include ABS, Steve Jobs’s NeXT, Morningstar Inc., etc. According to him, there are seven steps to assess a logo. 

These are:

1. Distinctiveness: Is your logo unique and different from other businesses? If your logo design successfully stands out from the crowd of logos, then it is Distinctive. 

2. Visible: Is it easily seen and noticeable? Your logo should be prominent enough for your audience to notice. They should not have to squint to see your logo. That ruins the purpose.

3. Adaptable: You need to ensure that your logo can fit into any platform. Be it an online website, t-shirt, mobile app, etc., your logo should be able to work on any application. 

4. Memorable: Your audience cannot forget your logo. When you think of Coffee, the logo of Starbucks comes to your mind. When your audience thinks of a product or service that your business also offers, they should immediately think of your business; such should be your Logo. 

5. Universal: A logo should carry meaning and message which is consistent for a diverse range of audiences. The logo of Apple is the best example of this. The logo does not even need the brand name in it for the audience to recognize it. This gives the logo of Apple a Universal tone. 

6. Timelessness: To design a timeless logo, you cannot use trendy colors, styles, or fonts. Trends change, and so if you use such flashiest colors and fonts for your logo, the audience will remember it for a few seasons. 

7. Simplicity: Minimalism is the key essence of a successful Logo. Before finalizing your logo design, you should strip out any irrelevant detail and tone it down to a pure but unique product.

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Why is Logo Testing important for a Business?

Large scale companies invest a great deal of money to design their logo. A good logo that stands out can lead to an enormous customer base. So, it is important to test your logo even if you have paid expensively for the design. 

1. The data can solidify the decision: Testing your logo by gathering feedback from your target audience can help you finalize the design. The data gathered from Logo Testing cannot be fought against and can help you persuade your coworkers to support the choice. 

2. You can improve: The feedback from your audience may help you improve your designs better. The winning Logo may not yet be perfect. But with the audience’s comment, you can make it more likable and improve it. 

3. You can discover different preferences: Logo Testing can help you discover which logo your target audience prefers and appreciates the most. You can use this knowledge and design the logo to appeal to the specific audience you want to target.

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How to Do Logo Testing?

Before settling on a design for your business, it is important to test it out and see how your audience reacts to it. Here are some simple steps you can follow to test your Logo.

Step 1: Select the logo designs you would like to test

When selecting the designs that you want to test out, it is better to keep the number low and the stage of development similar. You should not bombard your audience with too many options. 

Also, if you are using the finished design, you should not use a logo that you are still working on as an option. 

For the survey, you can use:

1. Monadic Survey Design, in which each design is presented to each respondent for feedback. After gathering enough feedback on each logo, you can compare the result and pick the top-performing design for the Business. 

2. Sequential Monadic Survey Design, in which multiple designs are presented to each respondent. You can compare the logos directly against one another and pick a winning design.

Step 2: Build a logo testing survey

To gather feedback on the logos you’ve selected, create a logo testing survey. You can use an easy-to-use online survey software like Voxco to create your logo-testing survey.

Step 3: Choose the survey metrics according to your goal

When asking questions to your audience regarding the logo, it should align with your goal. You can use the method of the Likert Scale to provide options for your audience. This will make it easier for you to examine the result. 

Some of these metrics you can consider are:

Appeal: Does the design of your logo stand out?

Example: Is the Logo visually appealing? 

Believability: Does the logo give a credible message?

Example: What message comes to your mind when you see this Logo?

Identifiable: Can the logo be easily recognized?

Example: Can you identify this logo in a store?

Purchase Intent: Will the logo influence customers to buy the product?

Example: would you buy the product based on the logo if it is launched in the market today?

Relevance: Does the logo reflect the needs of the audience?

Example: How relevant is the design of this logo to your needs?

Uniqueness: Is it different from other logos?

Example: How unique is this logo?

Close-ended questions like these will force the audience to choose one logo. This will ensure that your results are useful and relevant. You can also use demographic questions to know more about your respondents. 

Step 4: Present your survey to your target audience

The best way to select a logo for your business is to ask your target audience. This will give you insight into how your target audience prefers your logo. You can improve the logo according to the feedback collected from your audience. 

Step 5: Analyze the responses to finalize a logo

After collecting all the data you require, it is time to analyze the response. Compare the feedback of each logo and determine which one is the most liked.

Move over to the next section to find some bonus tips for finding the best logo for your brand.

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5 Tips to Find the Best Logo for Your Brand

Here are some tips that will help you find the best logo for your brand:

1. Use the same questions to evaluate each logo design

It is better to keep the questions the same when you are presenting multiple options to your audience. This way, you can easily compare the responses and pick the final design. 

2. Use high-quality photos

Don’t let the photo of your design get pixelated. The audience will have a hard time responding to it, and you will not get an accurate answer. 

3. Survey a large audience

Use a wide audience to test your logo. This will make the result statistically significant. 

4. Don’t make the Survey too long

Only ask relevant questions. Follow the metrics mentioned above. If you present a long survey, the audience may not want to fill it. 

5. Test your logo with the competitors

If there are other businesses you are competing against, it is better to test your logo against them. What makes your logo different from your competitors can be the USP of your business. 

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Logo Testing Survey Questions Examples

Here are a few examples of the questions that you can use in your logo testing surveys:

1. What do you think is the best feature of this logo?

2. Do you find the logo visually appealing?

3. Is the logo memorable? 

4. How unique is the logo?

5. While looking at the logo, how would you describe your feeling?

6. How much does the logo fit the brand name?

7. How recognizable do you think this Logo would be in a store?

8. How easily would you be able to find the Logo in a marketplace?

9. What change would you like to suggest in the logo?

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Five qualities that make a logo identifiable are:

  • Simple
  • Relevant
  • Memorable
  • Timeless
  • Unique

A Logo Design helps people recognize your company. It builds trust and keeps your audience close. A well-designed logo tells prospective customers and clients what your business does and how it would benefit them.

The different types of Logos you can use for your business are: Emblems, Logotypes, Pictorials, Lettermarks, Abstract, Mascot, and Combination Logo.