Voxco rolls out an exciting

new feature & several updates.

Updates include enhancements, which are an extension of the features Voxco launched at the beginning of the year.

Today, we have introduced one new feature and four new feature updates on our online survey platform- 

1. Survey Templates (New) 

2. Panel Improvements (Update)

3. Mail Jet SMS Integration  (Update)

4. Panel Import/Export Optimization  (Update)

5. Sentiment Analysis  (Update)

The new feature and updates are a part of Voxco Research’s user capabilities-building initiatives. Earlier this year, Voxco launched six new features. Now, it’s rolled further updates to the existing features that will enhance the holistic survey experience for its clients.

“Our goal with these features is to make it easy for researchers to gather insightful data and make informed decisions. We are thrilled to launch these six new additions in our Voxco Insights Platform, which will add an edge to the entire data collection and analysis process.”

Here’s a brief summary of the new feature and updates:

Survey templates (New feature): 

Users can now use pre-made survey templates from the Survey Template Library to get started on survey design. Edit questionnaire and customize survey design as per survey needs and launch. 

With an existing set of robust features, Voxco ensures a seamless end-to-end solution for more than 500+ enterprises looking to gather feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights & act on them. It empowers organizations to conduct insightful research, uncover actionable insights, and fuel customer experiences.

Panel Improvements (Update): 

Users can now exercise new panel management capabilities. With new permissions added to the panel dashboard, users can now:

– Perform action in batches: Select all, Select a few, or Filter panelists

– Manage transaction points (existing action but now available by batch) or 

– Resend confirmation link (new action – also available by batch)

– Secure panel exportation & transaction point management 

Learn more: https://www.voxco.com/panel-improvements/

Mail Jet SMS Integration (Update): 

With MailJet SMS integration, users can send surveys or survey links and visualize the distribution status of each recipient within the Voxco Platform, and ultimately, manage the respondent list according to the MailJet SMS distribution statuses. 

Panel Import/Export Optimization (Update): 

The new feature upgrade to Voxco Panel lets users add new, import, or export many panelists without leaving the Voxco Platform. Performance capabilities have been improved: users can now run other activities in the Voxco platform when an import or export task runs in the background.

Sentiment Analysis (Update): 

Voxco users can now perform real-time sentiment analysis on live feedback or batch analysis after gathering responses. 

Learn more: https://www.voxco.com/text-analysis/