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What do you mean by performance evaluation?

The success of an organization highly depends on its employees and how they add value to the company. The best way to gauge employee contribution is through their performance evaluation. 

Performance evaluation is the process of determining how employees work in their designated positions and what kind of value do they add to the organization. This evaluation can be done on various parameters like company revenue, employee ROI (return on investment), company standards, etc.

It is important to take a look inside of your organization and understand how employees are doing their work and how it adds value in the end. For this to work, you will need to have regular performance evaluations on the employees to stay updated with their work. Employees are then paid or promoted depending on their work and contribution and can have regular feedbacks with regards to their work.

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Why do you need performance evaluation on employees?

  • Performance evaluation helps you see how each employee has grown in its scope and their level of work according to their job profile. 
  • After evaluation an employee’s performance, authorized personnel can send them a feedback suggesting improvements and changes along with appreciations. 
  • Performance evaluation also turns out to be a common ground for both the employee and employer to discuss mutually what an ideal work performance is. 
  • Performance evaluation helps both employee and employer have transparent communication with each other and establish honest relationships. 
  • This evaluation process in shot helps you enhance the way your organization works under its employees. 
  • Employers can evaluate the employees regularly to gauge their performance and improve the way teams work together and tackle problems together. 
  • Performance evaluation also helps you identify the areas where most employees tend to lack and then organize suitable workshops or programs to fill that gap. 
  • Up to date performance evaluation helps employers to see where employees lack motivation in work and where they stand on their career path ahead.
  • Performance evaluation also proposes a competitive advantage over employees so they can compare themselves with others and figure out where they want to be.

Performance evaluation survey questions examples

  • What motivates you to do your job every day?
  • What are the challenges you face in this work daily?
  • Are you satisfied with the leadership qualities of this organization?
  • What are 3 things you expect us to do for you as an organization?
  • What is the next step you are looking forward to taking in your career path?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to refer us to your family and friends?
  • What are the qualities in you, that you think go unnoticed in this workplace?

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See Voxco survey software in action with a Free demo.

Online surveys for performance evaluation

We are going to discuss how conducting performance evaluation through online surveys can make things easier for your organization and employees analysis. 

  • Self-assessment – in these surveys, employees will be asked to gauge their performance based on their job profile. It allows them to look into themselves as someone who contributes to the company daily. 
  • Team assessment – these surveys will bring out all the team-related aspects of the employees. They can express how they feel working in a team, their teammates, challenges they face and how they solve them together with utmost efficient communication. 
  • Leader assessment – it is important to what kind of personalities are leading employees and teams. This survey will tell you what the teammates think of their supervisors and how much they can rely on them. 
  • Training assessments – ask employees for their suggestions about what kind of new pieces of training and workshops they might need to fill their knowledge gaps. Expose them to new opportunities for learning and get their feedback on how they want to approach the tasks.

How will you perform performance evaluation?

Step 1: Sending the evaluation survey

Managers can decide a period to repeat the evaluation process so that they have updated information on employee performance. This period can be a month, three months and so on. Later, employees can be sent the surveys online asking for the relevant questions, just like we discussed above. 

Step 2: Decide performance 

The team lead or manager that was directly supervising a particular employee will go through the survey. It is his responsibility to decide the employee performance and conclude if they have been working less or more. They also have full authority to conduct discussions and meetings to discuss the concluded performance of an employee.

Step 3: Action 

Based on what sort of data came in through employee satisfaction surveys, managers can decide to take actions based on their performance and requirements if any.

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