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Do your customers feel happy and content when interacting with your brand? It’s a simple question that is answerable with an easy “yes” or “no,” but not every brand will be able to boast of good customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction lies in the idea of enhancing customer experience by best serving customer needs. This means that the brand should be exactly what the customer is looking for and the customer’s requirement should be the brand’s priority.

This is particularly difficult to achieve, especially in today’s fast-moving and dynamic business world where needs and preferences change faster than the weather. This, combined with the objectives of any brand to stay in the market and occupy quality leadership, necessitates the need for keeping a tab on customer mindset when it comes to how they feel about the brand and its products.

And it’s not a matter of failure if brands discover that their customers are not happy. Moreover, it provides an impetus for the brand to stay ahead of the market and work on improving its offerings to better serve their customers instead of being blind-sided by a lack of customer retention.

In this blog, we’ll explore how to improve your CSAT score to ensure a successful business. 

What is a CSAT score?

CSAT is a simple quantitative research model that helps brands in measuring customer satisfaction. This method uses simple questioning and feedback to calculate your customer’s current state of satisfaction and guides the brand in the right direction.

 The advantage of using such a method is that unlike other quantitative models, CSAT scores do not require a specialized knowledge of data analytics or a separate study to be carried out. Feedback is something that brands regularly gather from their customers. CSAT uses the same feedback to give the brand a numerical value of what percentage of their customers feedback is positive.

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What is the need to improve CSAT scores?

Poor customer experience is the biggest reason why 51% of customers say they will not continue to do business with a company. 

Forrester found out that among the surveyed consumers 69% of them claim that they shop frequently at retailers who provide consistent customer service. 

Clearly, Customer Satisfaction is the major influence behind a customer’s decision of whether they want to do business with you or not.  As Bill gates rightly pointed out: CSAT score steps in as an accurate measurement model for brands to rely upon for measuring their current customer satisfaction.

Implementing CSAT survey in business allows the brand to follow up their strategy in the right direction. If a good percentage of  customers are satisfied with what they are getting from the brand, the brand can focus on targeting new customer without worrying about their existing customer loyalty and retention.

On the other hand, a low percentage of CSAT simply serves as an early warning signal indicating that the brand is lagging behind and needs to step up to make its customers happy and prevent churning. This requires certain steps to ensure that customer needs are met and the customer journey is seamless.

ACSI has been tracking the CSAT score of American companies since the Q3 of 1994 when it was at 74.8%. Now, after more than two decades, in 2021 it stands at 73.7%.

How to improve your CSAT score? poll

The scores aren’t going up, but it is best not to be too focused on CSAT scores. The score changes with the impact of expectations, trends, perceived value, business change, etc. 

To improve your own CSAT score, you need to focus on meeting consistent customer expectations. 

Continue to improve customer experience to win over them and give them the excellent customer satisfaction they expect from you. 

Here are several ways you can start making refine your customer’s journey with your brand and also gain those good CSAT scores.

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14 ways to improve your CSAT scores

Whether you are just implementing your CSAT survey process or looking to enhance the program, these best practices will help you unlock how to drive relevant and insightful feedback from your customers. Let’s explore some actionable strategies to improve CSAT scores and foster greater customer experience. 

01. Upgrade customer support:

A single bad experience and 33% of American customers claim that they are considering changing brands. Customer Support is the part of the business that is in constant contact with the customers. This also means that they are one of the key pain points in a customer’s journey. You need to upgrade your customer support team with technologies that provide a seamless experience and lessen the burden on agents. 

With the increasing use of digital technologies your customer support also needs AI tools to monitor customer data, automate the analysis of data. You can uncover pain points and collect feedback in real-time.Using AI tools can prevent human error and can save time and resources for the company as well.

02. Introduce more channels for feedback collection:

Call support or email is not the only way customers contact the company anymore. You need to introduce modern digital channels as the customers update their digital lives. Voxco offers online channels, offline, and phone modes to help you engage consumers and gather their thoughts. 

Communication channels for customers have changed drastically.

  • 62% of consumers use email
  • 40% use phone
  • 42% use live chat
  • 36% use the “Contact Us” form
  • 31% reach out through Twitter

Surveys also show that 78% of millennials change their brand perception when a company readily responds to social media inquiries.

Modern communication channels are the biggest platforms that require your full attention. Offering more communication channels will also make it easy for you to monitor your customer experience and satisfaction. 

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  • 50+ question types
  • Advanced logic 
  • White-label
  • Auto-translations in 100+ languages

03. Understand customer needs:

A low customer satisfaction is an obvious representation of the lack of knowledge that the brand possesses about their customers. Designing a comprehensive value offering that meets the customer needs is imperative for a good customer experience. 

Always ask how your customers will feel about your brand. This means that for every decision you make for the business you need to think about how it will impact your customers. Will they accept and like the change? 

84% of customers claim that they are more likely to continue doing business with a company that treats them like an individual and not just a customer number on their system. Personalized customer experience can also improve the online conversion rate by 8%, according to TrustPilot. 

Researching target customers to identify customer requirements, preferences, features they look for, and prices they are comfortable with are all prerequisites to ensuring that customers are attracted to the brand and its products and that customer satisfaction is maintained.

04. Be prompt in acting on feedback:

Your customers are looking for answers, interactions, or registering complaints through multiple touchpoints. Keeping them waiting worsens the image of the brand. Engagement must be kept prompt by monitoring online interactions, and customers must be assisted to the fullest.

Taking action on customer feedback is the most basic expectation that customers have from companies. Customers know that if you can send them newsletters and ask for feedback then you have resources to take action as well. 

Taking proper action and showing customers that you have made changes in the golden way to improve CSAT. You can show them that not only are you listening to them but also understanding their issue and resolving it. 

The disappointing data about customer feedback is that

  • Only 52% of consumers believe that companies are taking action on the feedback they provide. 
  • 85% of companies take no immediate action regarding customer feedback. 

Use Customer Feedback management software and establish methods to respond to the customers. Look for the VoC (Voice of Customer) program that your employees can use to improve customer experience and therefore the CSAT score.

05. Increase delegation:

Your employees should be allowed to take their calls independently without waiting for any kind of clearance or instruction. This goes with the promptness argument and makes the employee trust his own abilities. Being confident allows your employees to serve customers better and leaves the customer satisfied.

06. Resolve pain points in customer journey map:

Customer Journey Map can help you with what your customers go through. It monitors the entire customer experience including the positive moments and the pain points. By optimizing customer journey map you can increase CSAT by up to 20%. 

Integrate your VoC into your Map to gain perspective from your customers about their experience. You can also use CSAT surveys to identify the issues your customers are facing with your service and look into them. 

This way you can reduce the listening gaps. You gain more data from customers themselves and convert customer journey maps into quantitative data. You can evaluate the data, analyze the experience and take action to improve your CSAT score.

07. Upgrade your VoC program:

The most vital step for Customer Satisfaction is listening and taking appropriate action to resolve their pain points.VoC involves capturing and understanding customer insights so that feedback can help the company improve customer experience. 

Make full use of VoC by providing customers multiple options to provide feedback. Include all kinds of channels that can help you to listen to your customer’s feedback and inquiries. 

Companies with VoC program have experienced

  • 55% increase in their customer retention rate
  • 23% annual decrease in customer service costs


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08. Fix the internal and external pain points:

You can only run your service smoothly if you solve the challenges of internal and external factors. Customers may face issues regarding website design, or customer service which may lead to disappointment. How your service team is helping the customers or your website is performing are factors that you need to solve from within the company. 

To optimize external factors you need to ensure the communication channels are performing seamlessly. The customers should be able to share their feedback through any channel and be heard by the company. You have to ensure that the company improves every element that customers interact with.

09. Ask other than “How satisfied are you on the scale of…”

CSAT surveys look for quantitative data. Numerical data though is good to support your campaigns and strategies do not provide in-depth insight on how the customer feels. Use open-ended questions to get detailed feedback about their reason for the score. 

For positive responses, find out what they loved about your company. This will help you identify your company’s USP and key differentiators. You can use these factors to consistently provide an excellent customer experience and strategically improve your CSAT score. 

For negative responses, find out what bothers your customers. This will help you make improvements and changes wherever required. As a result, you can improve the customer experience before they start thinking about changing brands. 

Open-ended feedback may offer ideas, opinions, and suggestions that customers believe you should know. You can understand customer sentiment and live their experience in their own words.

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10. Expand your reach:

With CSAT you can identify the presence of a drawback. Conducting online follow ups and targeting customers who provided negative feedback can help assess  the reason behind their dissatisfaction. This is one of the simplest methods of narrowing down your focus to improve the pain points which are currently bothering your customers. 

Use NPS surveys to gather insights directly from customers on what’s their pain point and the reason for thei dissatisfaction. Tools like Voxco’s NPS surveys enable you to customize questions based on the score and gather open-ended feedback from respondents. 

11. Empower your employee:

American Express found out that 62% of customers said that they received a positive customer service experience because of the service rep’s knowledge. 

Properly trained employees with knowledge and confidence to make decisions can help the customers most effectively. Coach your employees not only on the knowledge they need but also on the kind of attitude they must have. They interact most with customers and play the most vital role in improving your CSAT score. 73% of customers say that friendly service reps are the reason they remain loyal to a company.

12. Pick up from where you left off

No customer likes to repeat themselves every time they talk to brand personnel. Every small detail matters. Customers feel valued if the person they are talking to addresses them by the name and does not have to be explained what their problem was, when did they have their last interaction and what progress was made. Customer journey mapping goes a long way when it comes to keeping a tab on your customers.

13. Be transparent

Customers feel a lot more satisfied with the solutions being offered to them if they know what the problem was and the solution that the brand has for it. By being thorough and open to your customer, you are showing them there s nothing to hide and brand keeps the customer’s best interest in mind. 

Explain to your respondents why you want to gather their feedback and how you are going to use the data to improve their experience. 

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14. Focus on employee satisfaction

Your customers can only be satisfied with your service, if the employees that are serving them do so, whole-heartedly. Before jumping on to any external tasks, make sure your employees are content with how the brand operates and their role in the whole process. Your customer satisfaction is directly related to the devotion your employee has for your company.

There is no standard guide to excellent customer satisfaction. It’s just about keeping the customer at the forefront and thinking about how a product or service would benefit them.

Doing your research about the kind of target market you have, what do they prefer, conducting feasibility studies etc may sound a lot of tedious work but the end result makes the complexity of these tasks completely worth it.


Continuous improvement is the key to improving CSAT score. It’s clear that prioritizing customer satisfaction is a journey to solidify customer relationships, enhance satisfaction, and ensure success in business endeavors. 

By implementing the outlines strategies, you can elevate your CSAT survey score, identify pain points in real time, and meet the evolving expectations of your audience. 

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