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The benefits of using a survey creator : How it helps ?

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There is no denying that surveys are one of the most prominent and widespread research tools . The ability of surveys to incorporate multiple question types to cover each aspect along with it’s ability to generate quick replies is unparalleled. Further these surveys collect timely responses and analyse them in a way that is altered to meet the researcher’s needs .

This task has been made easier by the availability of pre-designed tools that are specialised to help the organization with every step of their research journey. Let’s familiarise ourselves with what exactly is a survey and how market research platforms make survey creation easier than ever .

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What is a survey ?

A survey is a manner of market research that helps individuals and entities in gathering data relevant to their topic of interest using a questionnaire . This questionnaire is designed using suitable question types that is meant to target specific areas of the topic that the researching organization wishes to understand.

These surveys are used for :

  • Gauging customer experience and satisfaction
  • Gathering feedback
  • Collect market insights
  • Analyse market sentiment
  • Conduct concept test along with numerous other studies

These multiple needs require surveys that are specifically designed keeping in mind what the researcher wishes to understand at the end of the study. Designing an appropriate questionnaire that follows a logical sequence is a difficult task .

The skill of putting all aspects into questioning while being considerate of survey length is important. Further , finding the right distribution channels followed by time collection and accurate analysis are key to every survey procedure .
This is where a survey creation platform stands out much better than self designed and administered surveys .

Survey platforms are dedicated companies devoted to making the surveying process easier . They provide an omni-channel experience by combining all attributes that are required for making  a survey success.

Availability of multiple question types

survey creation platforms have a systematic menu of question types that can be put into their questionnaires for improved effectiveness.
This list covers both quantitative and qualitative nature of questions for varied needs .

Logic functions

Logic functions are meant to improve efficiency in collection of responses.  This customises the question arrangement and flow to meet the respondent’s way of answering. By using techniques like skipping , branching and piping , respondents are  made to answer questions that have more relevance based on their peculiar manner of responding . This avoids the respondent time from being blocked by unnecessary questions that do not apply .

Engaging functionality

 Researching organization get to add additional features to their survey journey . Advanced functionalities such as device detection , multi language capabilities and customizable look and feel enhance the survey taking experience for any respondent . By modifying looks and adding themes , questionnaires can be altered to suit the researching organization’s personality along with making it appealing. This makes the survey a pleasant experience for the participants.

Multiple distribution channels

Research platforms have a tap onto various channels through which surveys can be distributed among target respondent groups . The presence of these channels ensures that the questionnaire gets distributed faster and to larger number of people. This in turn ensures that the company meets the required number of responses in a timely manner. Some of the common channels accessed are emails , website pop-ups , SMS and social media .

Precise respondent targeting

The surveys so distributed can be varied in terms of accessibility through password , pins and other security actions. Moreover , the identity of the respondent can also be kept hidden through anonymous surveys.

Panel management features

 Dedicated survey creator platforms have panel of respondents that are hand picked. These set of respondents are the ones that the researching organization wishes to target and so, they aptly meet the eligibility criteria. This makes it easy for the company to improve the quality of their research based on valued input. This even reduces the extra effort that a company needs to undertake in finding the right candidates for answering their research questions and diminishes the chances of sampling bias.

Monitoring progress

The company gets to see how the research progresses from start to end. This real time monitoring features is crafted to track if the research process is being carried out in the manner projected. Added to this , companies can also review participant behaviour on metrics such as screenouts , completion rates and dropouts which indicates the efficacy of the questionnaire design in engaging a respondent.

Live reporting

With live reporting , live survey results reach the company and gets updated as and when the data comes in. Both graphical and descriptive reporting gets projected and the company gets to keep a check on how additional respondent data impacts the overall results and accordingly establish trends.

Advanced analytical features

The core of any research lies in it’s ability to covert collected data into meaningful and actionable summaries that can be used to make informed decisions. Survey creation platforms offers rich analytical tools that are meant to evaluate both quantitative and qualitative data. Anything from system support , crosstab creation , descriptive stats to making Word clouds and thematic analysis can be achieved using the right survey creation platforms.

The depth to which the available platforms in the market cover these areas and how these features meet your peculiar needs can vary. You need to go for a customer experience platform that gives a complete package of all the services at one place and does not make you fret for the enriching research that you wish to carry out . 

An omni- channel survey creator like Voxco is meant to serve all your diverse needs . It performs the legwork for your research journey to be seamless. Everything from design , distribution , collection and analysis gets covered to offer you cohesive data that fuels your requirement for market intelligence.

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