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The most engaging way to gather feedback. 

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Saas/On-prem hosting.
  • Customizable question type.
  • Easy data analysis.
  • Automated reporting.
Text Highlighter Text Highlighter
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Unlock the power of Text Highlighter

Create an efficient & interactive question. 

Text Highlighter Text Highlighter

Drag & Drop:

Drag the Text Highlighter question type from Voxco’s toolbox to start writing your survey question.

Group words:

Create groupings of words you want respondents to provide their opinions on for a controlled approach to data collection.

Non-highlighted words:

Modify words or groups of words to help participants focus on the question’s intent and reduce noise for analysis.

Categorize answer options:

Add up to 6 category options to your questions. Edit the categories as per your question requirements.

Add your colors:

Customize the answer options with different colors as per your brand image.

Add “stop words”:

Exclude filler words such as “it,” “the,” “an,” “to,” etc. from your interactive text. Prevent respondents from selecting such words when answering.

Prevent skip:

Choose whether to make the answer required or not for your text highlighter question. Set word count requirements for text highlighter question responses: establish maximum and minimum limits.

Open-end requirements:

By default, respondents are not needed to offer additional opinions to their selection. However, you can make open-ended comments compulsory.

Text Highlighter Dashboard

Know what respondents think with an insightful dashboard. 

Text Highlighter Text Highlighter

Text Highlights

Get a graphical representation of the responses collected to your question. The different shades of color indicate the number of times respondents have selected the word/group.

Highlight Performance

Find the break up of total responses into each category. See the frequency and percentage of each category in the donut graph.


View the open-ended answers shared by your respondents in one place.

Word Performance

The word performance gives a detailed visual report on each of the groupings/words. See the categories selected for each grouping. Filter them based on the most/ least popular selection.


Export the entire report along with the question and text into Excel. Get an organized breakdown of each word/group.

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