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What are Survey Rewards?

A survey reward is an incentive given to the respondents for answering all questions and completing the survey. If there is a time specified for the survey and respondents are not able to finish the survey within that definite time period, no survey reward will be given to them in that case. You can offer anything like cash rewards, gift cards, or credit points as a reward to your survey respondents. On offering rewards to the survey respondents, it gets easy to lure them due to which they end up completing the survey. 

There are two types of survey rewards: direct and indirect. While direct rewards are given to the respondents directly in the form of cash prizes, gift cards, coupons, etc., indirect rewards are not offered to the respondents. In the case of indirect rewards, the reward is given to a third-party once a respondent fills out a survey. These kinds of rewards are known to provide more actionable feedback as the respondents are really interested to participate in the survey, without the idea of getting any benefit.


Example of Survey Rewards

You’ve been conducting a product feedback survey that includes 30 questions. As most users will not be interested to answer them, you can give them an Amazon gift card worth 30$. They’ll be convinced to participate and finish the survey.

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Where are Survey rewards used?

By offering rewards to respondents, they answer the survey questions with utmost honesty which promotes data reliability and accuracy. In today’s time when people don’t prefer doing anything for free, they need some inspiration to perform a task (especially when it’s done for the benefit of others). As respondents get some rewards in return, they are happy to answer the survey which boosts the completion rate too! 

Moreover, offering rewards to respondents is a tool that can help to target audiences that are difficult to reach otherwise. As a token of benefit, rewards can be offered to third-party organizations like nonprofits as well. When you already know your respondents, survey incentives are ideally the best way to keep them happy as you’re aware of their choices. A survey reward when offered to the right audience can help you solicit actionable data that you need. 

But in the case of surveying random people, offering survey rewards may prove to be an expensive effort. You need to be smart about offering rewards to your respondents (keeping the circumstances in mind).


What are the advantages of Survey rewards?

Improved Survey Completion:  As the respondents are supposed to answer all the survey questions to qualify for a reward, they cannot abandon the survey in between and will put their best foot forward to finish the survey. This helps to boost the survey completion rate. 

Better Data Collection: As the respondents are compelled to answer all questions, the researchers gain more insightful data through the increased number of survey responses. Moreover, in the case of offering indirect rewards, respondents are highly interested to answer questions for third-party benefits. So, the responses collected are accurate and free of any bias. 


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