Case Study

Optimizing listener data collection via centralized, automated phone interviewing.


The Client

Based in France, Médiamétrie is the leading audience measurement organization that scientifically measures audiovisual media to help determine market trends. They conduct 1,500,000 interviews annually and are actively collecting data 365 days a year. Downtime is not an option.

The Challenge

Médiamétrie conducts radio research to assess the popularity of various songs through telephone and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) surveys. The process begins with an investigator conducting a telephone interview with the respondent, and then qualified respondents continue to participate in the study through self-administered surveys on an IVR system. The IVR plays 40 musical excerpts and prompts the respondent to use their phone keypad to indicate their reaction to each using a pre-defined numerical scale.

In the past, Médiamétrie lost considerable time through this research method as it used two separate systems. This meant that the team at Médiamétrie had to create separate questionnaires for each platform and then later manage two separate results databases. In addition, the automated dialer they were using could only handle a limited number of calls at a time.

Médiamétrie needed to dramatically increase productivity by simplifying their mode of gathering radio listener preferences.

The Solution

To overcome their challenge, Médiamétrie used Voxco Multi-Mode system to seamlessly conduct their research from a single integrated system. The new process includes Voxco Dialer for placing calls to potential respondents, Voxco CATI to qualify these respondents by phone, and Voxco IVR for the respondents to listen to and rate pre-recorded music. By unifying their IVR and CATI surveys under the one multi-mode system, Médiamétrie is now creating questionnaires on a single platform and storing their data in a centralized location.

The Results

Voxco Multi-Mode allowed Médiamétrie to achieve annual productivity improvements through every phase of their listener preferences surveying:

  • One-time creation and implementation of questionnaires across an integrated system.
  • Improved operational efficiency with a single data storage and analysis system.
  • Increased number of investigations to an average of 1500 CATI calls per hour (25 per minute), which represents a substantial enhancement in the annual productivity of their call center.
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“At Médiamétrie, we conduct hundreds of audience measurements for our radio partners every day. The Voxco multi-mode platform allows us to qualify the respondents by telephone (CATI) and very easily transfer them to the IVR system to determine song popularity. Since using the integrated Voxco platform, we have significantly increased our productivity and made the management of the thousands of songs that we process each year much more efficient.”
Jacques-François Fournols, Executive Director