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Repeat Calls

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What are Repeat Calls in Contact Centers?

Repeat calls refer to when callers repetitively call into your contact center because their problem wasn’t addressed the first or even second time they called.

When customers call your contact center, they are usually looking for a solution to their problem or for some assistance. They want immediate fixes to their issues and don’t want to have to call back over and over again. 

Repeat calls are a sign of bad customer service within contact centers because it reflects that your agents are not equipped at effectively helping customers and that callers are unhappy with your service as it took them longer than expected to receive the help they needed.

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What is Repeat Call Analysis?

Repeat Call Analysis refers to identifying the reasons as to why customers may be repeating calls to your contact center. While conducting this analysis, contact centers aim to address some basic questions such as: 

  • Are the repeat calls because of multiple issues they may be having?
  • Are the repeat calls because they are checking on the status of an order/problem repeatedly?
  • Are the repeat calls due to their problem not being adequately addressed in earlier calls?

By understanding the root cause of these repeat calls, contact centers can identify the problem’s core and try to eliminate it from the root.

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Effective ways in to Reduce Repeat Calls in your Contact Center

Improve Agent Skills

As calls within contact centers are mostly handled by agents, it is important that they are fully equipped to answer any question or concern a caller may have. To see any improvement in call handling, the agents need to have the necessary skills and knowledge for their position. This will ensure agents adequately help customers in the first call, increasing FCR (first contact resolution) and reducing repeat calls.

Conduct Post-Call Surveys

Conducting and monitoring post-call surveys is another way call centers can reduce repeat calls. These surveys can be used to find out what they liked or didn’t like about the survey, helping contact centers outline where they may be lacking before steps can be taken to improve on those areas.

Improve Call Routing and Connect Customers to the Right Agents

By connecting callers to agents who are best qualified to address their issues, contact centers can achieve a higher FCR and AHT (average handle time) as these agents will be able to address the issues quicker, more effectively, and in the first contact itself. By using IVR and skills-based routing, specific workgroups can be created as per different criteria, enabling customers to be directed to the right resource.

Identify the reasons for Repeat Calling

It is important that agents identify the reasons for which repeat calls are being made. If agents are not able to do so, this could be addressed by conducting training to help them understand customer needs in the best way possible. Only once agents are able to understand customer needs, will they be able to offer appropriate help which will eliminate or reduce repeat calls.

Create an Informative FAQ Page

When a company has a powerful FAQ page that addresses a variety of customer questions/concerns, there are significantly less calls made to their contact center. If contact centers identify certain issues or questions that customers seem to be asking repeatedly, these should be added to the company’s FAQ page with detailed solutions. The answers should be easy to comprehend and clear.

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One of the most important KPIs of contact centers is First Contact Resolution (FCR). This KPI reflects whether customer concerns are being addressed effectively in the first contact itself, or whether the customer needs to repetitively contact the center before receiving a helpful resolution/solution. Other KPIs that reflect customer satisfaction are NPS (net promoter score) and Average Handle Time.

A knowledge center provides a central location to agents wherein they can access and search for policies. Apart from training agents, providing them with an information hub can increase their scope of resolving customer concerns in first contact.

Repeat calls are one of the biggest indicators that a contact center is not working efficiently as customers are not able to receive a resolution in their first contact and are having to call over and over again before receiving adequate help. This leads to unhappy customers, hence this must be addressed as soon as possible in order to improve customer experience before the issue elevates further.

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