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Call Center Quality Assurance

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Introduction to Call Center Quality Assurance

A call center is defined by its goal of listening to the customers, resolving their issues, and delivering effective customer service. However, quality assurance every time a customer interacts with your company is the key to the success of the business. 

When you make a call to any customer service you will hear such a recorded message: “This call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes”. So, the question is quality assurance.

Call Center Quality Assurance


What is Call
Center Quality Assurance?

Monitoring an agent’s call with a customer and its quality with regard to the customer’s expectation can be understood as the process of Call Center Quality Assurance.

Observing and analyzing the quality of calls between agents and customers is deemed to be the most effective method of improving customer service. 

Managers and specialists have the responsibility to ensure that all customers/clients receive a consistent and seamless experience from the call center. Managers can identify the issues by monitoring the calls and resolve those issues to maintain the agent’s efficiency. 

  • You can make use of call history between agent and customer to analyze and ensure that high-quality customer service is provided in every call. 
  • You can also hire a specialist to monitor the interaction and identify areas that require work. Hiring a specialist will ensure the reports will remain unbiased and constructive.
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What does Call Center
Quality Assurance involve?

Quality assurance is about training agents and enhancing their skills to deliver the best service according to customer’s expectations. 

Ensure uniform customer service by monitoring calls

The customer service provided by the company is a part of the company’s identity. The reputation can influence the decision of other customers/clients. 

A single instant of  poor customer service is enough to upset the customer, leading to a negative perception of the company. One unresolved complaint or negative comment can convince customers to leave the company. 

Call monitoring is thus important to ensure that the interaction is uniform. Greetings, positive phrases, empathy, the right tone of speech, and other such approaches should be incorporated in every call. This ensures that the customer remains happy with the agent’s behavior and appreciates their experience.

Regulatory Compliance

Call centers need to follow specific guidelines to protect their customers. A call center should not take risks in regulatory compliance. The agents as well should be well aware of these guidelines to ensure there is no issue involving the company. 

Certain guidelines that call centers need to comply with are – 

Consent to call monitoring: the parties involved in the conversation should be aware that they are being recorded and must agree to it.

DNC registry: this registration allows customers to withdraw their contact from telemarketing calls. A call center that fails to comply can be fined. 

PCI Data Security Standard: it is a set of standards that every call center needs to follow if they want to process credit card payments.

And many more guidelines like Fair Debt Collection, Truth in Lending Act, are part of the Federal Trade Commission that call centers require to adhere to. 

Managers should ensure that the agents are aware of such rules and the system is not avoided to prevent any lapse in standards. Any misstep would lead to fines and harm the company’s reputation. 

Monitoring quality assurance can prevent any such scenarios where agents are unable to provide customers with the required information. Managers can identify such cases and avoid making mistakes.

Evaluating Agent Performance

Evaluating agent performance is one of the most important features of Quality Assurance. The quality of services delivered to the customers depends entirely upon the agent. 

Managers and agents can develop benchmarks together to compare their performance metrics. The agents can self-analyze to understand where they need to develop more in order to deliver a quality customer experience. 

By analyzing the interaction between agent-customer, managers and specialists can determine how to meet customer’s needs and expectations. 

Feedback on agent performance

Managers can provide feedback to the agents in their individual coaching sessions. Managers should work along with the agents to identify the issues and plan how to overcome them. 

Feedbacks with data and scoreboards can ensure that the agent understands what it is that they are doing is wrong. Agents should acknowledge their mistakes and with the help of managers, come up with ways to improve future interactions

Customer Feedbacks to align with Quality Assurance 

Matching your quality assurance score with the customer feedback can show you the differences between the point of view of customers and the company. 

Call centers sometimes fail to align what customer believes is good customer service with what the company believes is good customer service. This difference in perception leads to poor customer service. 

Use the customer feedback to compare with the Quality Assurance score of the company to identify the areas which may need change. Identifying the difference will help deliver an effective and efficient customer experience and continuous improvement.

Training and Gaps in Knowledge

When the agent is unable to provide the customer the required information it leads to frustration. 

Quality assurance score gives you extensive information on performance and knowledge. It can help you identify the gaps in knowledge, the pitfalls but also the opportunities to improve. The managers can identify the area where an agent lacks knowledge so you can develop an action plan to help the agent. 

You can use Quality Assurance Score to track progress and examine if all the agents have received the necessary training in the intended skill.

Quality Assurance as Audit

Quality Assurance can be used as an audit because it can flag a failure while also keeping track of the corrective action that was taken. This can reduce paperwork and the struggle of a manager to keep up with the workflow. 

An agent can be alerted of their quality assurance score. Also, you can combine these records with actions taken to improve the performance along with the associated dates.

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What is the importance of Quality Assurance in a Call Center?

Quality assurance in a call center is important to retain your customers. Ensuring thorough maintenance of quality all across the call center is crucial for efficient customer service.

Agents may often have a hard time maintaining consistent customer service. Quality assurance can clarify the goals of the call center and keep track of the actions taken for the improvement of customer service. 

  • With quality assurance, you can monitor call center metrics and train and reward the agents. This will keep the agents motivated and inspired to work hard. As a result, a strong and better quality of customer service and agent performance will be developed.
  • Quality Assurance can help the supervisors and managers identify the flaws in the workflow which leads to poor customer service. Call quality is the most efficient metric to analyze agent performance and identify areas that need improvement.
  • You can align customers’ feedback with the quality assurance scored to ensure that the employees understand the expectation of the customers. Feedback gathered over regular intervals can help monitor the progress in the quality assurance score of the call center. 
  • Evaluating each individual with the help of their quality assurance score can help you pinpoint the weakness and strength of the agent. You can recognize the specific gap in their skill and knowledge and develop a training program to help the agent.
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Tools that can be used for Call Center Quality Assurance

Call Recording: Recording an interaction can be used to examine the quality and train the agent in what to do and how to respond in certain situations. This can help identify the problem area and take actions to prevent mistakes the next time the agent attends a customer.

Call Snooping: This feature allows you to listen to a call between an agent and a customer without disturbing them. The managers can quietly listen to any conversation and monitor how the agent is performing. 

Call Whispering: Whispering allows the manager/supervisor to advise the agent without the customer’s knowledge. The supervisor can pass notes and help the agent while they are on call with the customer. The customer is not disturbed or interrupted in the call. 

Call Barging: In case an agent needs help and cannot handle the customer alone, the manager can barge into the call and lead the conversion. In this case, the customer would be interacting with the agent as well as the manager.

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