Maximize profits with data-driven pricing decisions.

Implement effective pricing strategy backed by insights generated target audience. Make validated pricing decisions, implement effective pricing tiers and capture greater market share with Voxco pricing research survey software.

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Pricing is a key driver of consumer decision making, which accentuates the need for correct pricing tiers. Validating pricing points ensures high profitability and positive brand acceptance in the long run. With Voxco’s pricing research survey software, you can benchmark the customer expectations and understand the pricing elasticity in great detail. 

  • Drive product acceptance & improve market share by careful pricing tiers 
  • Discover the effect of pricing on demand, revenue & market share by customer segments 

Get reliable insights quickly with Voxco’s Pricing Tool

Design engaging Pricing Research Surveys

With intuitive drag and drop survey builder, 100+ question types, advanced survey logic and enhanced design suite, build responsive surveys that collect actionable data.

Collect Feedback from multiple channels

With Omnichannel distribution, use online, offline,phone or self completion survey modes to collect respondent feedback.

Analyze Survey Data in minutes

With live dashboards and automated report builder options, analyze incoming survey data with sophisticated statistical analytics tools.

Maximize profits with Voxco today

Pricing Research Tool to understand perceptions in depth

Price Volume Optimizer

Create ‘what-if’ scenarios to understand the effects of novel pricing strategy (everyday or promotion pricing) on price elasticity, demand, revenue, market reaction, consumer loyalty & probability of customer switching.  

Price vs Value

Generate value maps to understand the key drivers of your revenue and estimate your competitive positioning

Pricing Intelligence

Understand the customer perception by different customer segments of your general audience. Access insights to benchmark your pricing strategy.

Perception vs Sensitivity

Measure growth opportunities generated by price range fluctuations. Map change in customer perceptions as pricing tiers change.

Maximize profits with Voxco today

We are here to help you conduct Pricing Research studies Effectively.

Survey Panels

Need help with creating a survey panel which resembles your target audience closely? You can either get your own survey panelists or use our team to help you find the survey panels of your choice.

Expert Research Services

With over 20+ years of experience, our team can guide you to conduct effective pricing research by taking up the grunt work of scripting and analysis for you. Talk to us regarding your requirements and sit back to see the results.

Expert Research Services

  • Choice-Based Models
  • Global Pricing and Value Research
  • Regression Analysis
  • Turf Analysis
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • New Product Pricing Research
  • In-Market Price Tests
  • Brand Price Tradeoff Analysis
  • STEP Pricing Research
  • Qualitative Pricing Research
  • Monadic Price Tests
  • Van Westendorp Analysis

What is pricing research?

Pricing Research involves using research techniques to help measure the impact of a change in price on the demand of a product. Pricing research helps organizations determine the optimal price for their products in a way that maximises revenue and market share. This is a qualitative form of research that allows you to capture high returns on product investments and preserves the value of your brand.

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