Enterprise Analytics Platform

A no-code data & analytics platform to drive results & fuel growth.

  • Gather data from all sources
  • Analzye customer feedback & interactions
  • Predict outcomes 
  • Generate real-time insights
Auto Draft Enterprise Analytics Platform

A cloud-based no-code enterprise analytics platform to help enterprises take intelligent actions instantly

Analyze data in real-time

Detect and analyze patterns from multiple sources at the same time


Data analysis and reporting - survey software platform
Auto Draft Enterprise Analytics Platform

Predictive Analytics 

Get predictive insights into customer behavior, to make future forecasts, and make data-driven decisions to improve customer experience.
Auto Draft Enterprise Analytics Platform

Sentiment Analytics 

Use Advanced AI-based sentiment analysis to analyze a million lines of customer feedback in real-time. Understand customer pain points and strategize to enhance customer experiences.  
Understanding what to generate


Create powerful dashboards and translate your data into impactful stories through interactive visualizations anyone can easily understand
Auto Draft Enterprise Analytics Platform


Improve your ROI with analytics that automatically identifies actionable insights you can immediately use to optimize performance and improve results
Auto Draft Enterprise Analytics Platform


Identify the best-performing channels and optimize your sales & marketing strategies to maximize returns without increasing your budget
Auto Draft Enterprise Analytics Platform


Measure your performance against the rest of your industry to ensure that your campaigns really deliver the best results

Detect customer hotspots and take proactive actions

Generating insights quickly

Accurate insights 

Scale and differentiate sentiments in incoming text feedback. Generate accurate insights across multiple channels in real-time.  
Insight 01 01

Automated insight generation

No coding or manual analysis. Automate the analysis of incoming text feedback.
Powerful dashboards

Dynamic dashboards

Share the right information with the right person. Collaborate with other teams or stakeholders or create a role-based dashboard.
Omnichannel 01 2

Omnichannel capabilities

Integrate customer data from all sources. Never miss any customer feedback, opinion, or comment.
Flexible hosting 3

Flexible hosting

SaaS or on-site hosting for an easy customer feedback management platform

Predict & Act

Auto Draft Enterprise Analytics Platform

Supercharge sales with predictive insights

Devise sales strategies based on customer behavior revealed through predictive insights throughout the customer journey. Find out who’s ready for upselling, cross-sell or churn
Generating insights quickly

Maximize your marketing with granular insights

Understand customer responses and purchase patterns. Create the most successful marketing campaigns and run smarter promotions by measuring the customer impact of every engagement and channel.
value 2

Deliver value from a segment, persona, or individual customer perspective

Intelligently adapt and personalize each individual experience with insights into individual customer behaviors that lead to outcomes. Enable your employees to deliver the right experience to the right person at the right time.
Auto Draft Enterprise Analytics Platform

Detect Fraud & Reduce Risk

Identify abnormalities that may indicate vulnerabilities and threats. Put relevant procedures in place, and keep your data and business safe from fraud and other online threats. Construct accurate and reliable pictures of customers, in order to help with effective decision making.

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