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What is Dialer Software?

Dialer Software is a software-based system that automatically dials telephone numbers from a list and connects agents to the respondent when a successful connection is made. It is a tool used by contact centers, specifically for outbound campaigns, to streamline the process of contacting customers and boost call center productivity.

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Types of Dialing Modes

Most Dialer Software offers multiple different dialling modes to choose from. Let’s take a look at three major dialling modes and understand how they work:

Predictive Dialling Mode

The predictive dialling mode dials multiple phone numbers at the same time, based on the assumption that a certain percentage of the calls won’t result in a successful connection. This includes calls that get sent to voicemail, calls that are left unanswered, and calls that are abandoned. The calls that do result in a successful connection are routed to different agents based on factors such as agent availability and wait time. 

This mode works by gathering data regarding the percentage of answered calls, average number of rings before an answer, and average call length. The data is then analyzed to predict agent availability so that calls can be routed in a way that maximizes the amount of time agents spend on calls.

Progressive Dialling Mode

Progressive dialling, or power dialling, is a mode where numbers are dialled one call at a time for every agent available. The system collects data on the call-to-agent ratio of each agent, to establish the number of lines that must be distributed to each agent. With a power dialer, calls are made automatically. Although the system can screen out unanswered calls, there may be some cases where agents will have to discern whether they’ve been connected to a respondent or to their voicemail.

Preview Dialling Mode

In the preview dialling mode, contact records are displayed to the agent before the number is dialled, allowing agents to review details of the contact before the call is made. When this mode is used, users can set a length of time outlining the maximum time agents can take to review contacts before determining which number they are going to call.

Advantages of using Dialer Software

These are a few key benefits of Dialer Softwares for outbound campaigns:

Quality Control

Many Dialer Softwares now enable call recording. This enhances quality control as managers and supervisors can use the recordings to provide guidance to agents to improve their skills. Additionally, call recordings also help achieve certain legal objectives, especially in he-said-she-said situations.

Increased Agent Talk-Time

One of the most significant advantages of dialer software is that it significantly increases agent talk-time as agents aren’t wasting their time dialling, listening to busy tones and answering machines, or facing disconnected calls. Instead, the dialer software takes over these mundane tasks, automating them so that agents can focus wholly on their calls.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Dialer software eliminates the need for manual dialling, which not only increases dialling speeds but also eliminates various call constraints such as misdialing, excessive wait time, and call drops. The automation of dialling processes helps boost operational efficiency by increasing the dialling speed and the call connect ratio significantly.

Better Lead Conversion Ratio

Dialer software enables agents to drive personalized conversation as the software displays the customer’s contact information prior to the call. Personalized conversation will resonate with customers, increasing the chances of lead conversion.

FAQs on Dialer Software

Dialer software usually offers three key dialling modes: 

  • Predictive Dialer
  • Progressive Dialer
  • Preview Dialer

These are a few advantages of dialer software:

  • Eliminates, or reduces, the need for manual dialling
  • Boosts agent productivity by reducing idle-time
  • Facilitates real-time performance monitoring

Manual dialers require agents to manually dial telephone numbers by referring to a predetermined contact list. This is the most basic form of call dialer. It is less efficient than other types of dialers such as progressive and predictive dialers.

Why Choose Voxco Dialer?

The following are a few advantages of employing the use of Voxco Dialer:

Access to 4-in-1 Dialing Modes

Voxco Dialer offers you four different dialling choices, namely: Preview Mode, Power Mode, Predictive Mode, and Hybrid Mode.

Greater Quality Control

Voxco Dialer enables greater quality control with live audio monitoring and the ability to record full or partial phone interviews.

Enhanced Call Efficiency

Voxco Dialer can detect calls automatically and can code outcomes. Additionally, it gives you access to extended interview capabilities such as conference, transfer out, recording, and playback.

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