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Dan Bertuna, VP Business Management, ICF

Drag and drop functionality

Create engaging surveys or in-depth analysis reports with no-code drag and drop functionality. Customize your surveys with in-built design & custom coding options.

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HCAHPS creation

A question type for every methodology

Voxco comes with an extensive list of questions to fit your requirements. Create sophisticated surveys using advanced functions like :

  • Answer Piping

  • Multi-conditional branching

  • Choice exclusion

  • Timer Questions 

  • Signature capture 

    and many more …

Responsive Surveys

Ensure great survey experience on every device.

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Simplified survey distribution

Connect with respondents across all channels to improve survey response rates. With Voxco, you can distribute surveys via

  • Email

  • Text 

  • Social Media platforms

  • Website pop-ups

  • Offline app

  • Online channels

Data analysis and reporting made easy

  • Save time & increase productivity

  • Dynamic dashboards bring data to life

  • Quick crosstabs and statistical analysis

  • Secure portal to share results

  • Visual analytics in one click
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Why you should trust Voxco for CX!

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Leverage our exceptional CX strategy to improve NPS® Scores

Customer loyalty plays a significant role in business performance. By measuring and improving Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) at every touchpoint, Voxco’s best-in-class survey solutions enable you to seamlessly transform feedback into growth.

Talk to the Expert

SurveyMonkey makes it easy to listen and take action throughout the customer journey.

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