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What is a Call Center Dashboard?

A call center dashboard is a visual reporting tool used for displaying a range of call center metrics and KPIs. With these dashboards, customer service managers can seamlessly monitor and optimize the performance of a call center. It also plays a crucial role in spotting emerging trends in a specific location. Intended to streamline the process of analysis, the visual displays of call center dashboards reduce the data consumption time from hours to seconds. By leveraging dashboards, teams can take a look at their performance and extract invaluable data in real-time

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What are the benefits of using Call Center Dashboards?

Improved call center productivity

Using an interactive call center dashboard helps to exponentially improve customer-facing interactions, thereby increasing overall call center productivity and improving complaint resolution rates.

Reduced costs

The data generated by a call center dashboard will provide actionable insights that play a key role in identifying service inefficiencies. This empowers you to streamline processes, cut costs, improve service, and boost employee motivation levels.

Discover and resolve issues

With robust call center dashboards, it becomes easy to spot trends in real-time. Moreover, it helps to seamlessly deal with potential issues the moment they happen. Therefore, the issues are nipped in the bud before becoming more detrimental and time-consuming problems.

Enhanced collaboration

Since the call center dashboard represents data in an interactive and intuitive format, it becomes easy to view, analyze, as well as share crucial data, resulting in cross-departmental collaboration. Due to the flexibility of the contact center technology, you can effortlessly tailor your KPI dashboards according to your requirements.

Improved communication

When you build a call center dashboard, it’s important to focus on communication. As these dashboards are accessible through a myriad of mediums, it gets easy for the customer service reps and support agents to view and analyze essential metrics by merely clicking a button or swiping a screen. Thus, using a data-driven dashboard helps to improve communication and enhance organizational resilience.

What are the key metrics for Call Center Dashboards?

Peak Hour Traffic

This metric plays a key role in determining the time period when a call center receives the most traffic. This information is useful in scenarios where scheduling and staffing is involved, empowering you to keep a required stock of agents at peak hours during the day. With strategic scheduling around this metric, cost management becomes easy for call centers as they keep agents on call specifically when there’s a need.

Average Handle Time

Average Handle Time (AHT) provides an accurate measurement of the usual time it takes for an agent to effectively handle interaction with its customer from start to finish. This starts when a call is initiated till the time your call center agents end up on the phone with callers or perform follow-up tasks like documentation. It also includes the time that callers spend on hold. While some customers prioritize accuracy over speed, AHT still has a huge impact on the call center’s operations.

Customer Effort Score

The likelihood of customers continuing to do business with a brand largely depends on how many lengths they need to go for solving issues. With Customer Effort Score (CES), it becomes easy to define your organization’s efficiency with figures that are simple to act upon. While CES can be measured in numerous ways, it’s important to make the most of the information that this metric reveals. By minimizing obstacles & unnecessary tasks that customers experience throughout their journey improves this metric and boosts the performance of your call center.

Customer Satisfaction Score

While it’s not easy to precisely measure customers’ overall satisfaction with your products or services, this simple metric plays a pivotal role in doing so on its own. Intending to collect CSAT scores from customers on specific touchpoints of their journey, this metric helps you determine the areas that need improvement. To improve your call center’s customer satisfaction metric, it’s important to focus on services that you’ve surveyed your customers on. More specific surveys generate more actionable results.

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Making the most of your Call Center Dashboard Software

Set your goals wisely

Once you plan up to invest in your call center service strategies and delve deeper into your call center metrics and analytics, it’s important to set well-defined, clear-cut goals. There’s no doubt that your end goal is to improve customer service offerings but it’s essential to build certain areas of potential improvement for yielding real results. Discover how to improve customer service center strategies by asking yourself the following questions:  

  • How responsive agents do we have and how can we improve their responsively levels?
  • How efficient is the structure of our customer service department?
  • Do we have enough tools and data to help agents perform their job at the best?
  • Is my call center staff happy and motivated?

Choosing the right metrics is key

After you’re done with setting up clear-cut strategic goals, it’s time to dig deeper into the reporting and analytics of your call center. When it comes to the question of analyzing data in a call center, metrics are the only answer you need to look forward to. By working with the right metrics in your call center dashboard, you’ll be able to gain the right insights that can increase the efficiency of your customer service department. Here are the metrics that you need to include in your call center dashboard software:

  • Peak Hour Traffic 
  • Average Handle Time
  • First Response Time
  • Customer Effort Score
  • Customer Satisfaction Score

Supporting your agents is essential

No matter how efficient your customer service strategies are, your organization will suffer if your support agents are disengaged, unhappy, or unmotivated. While working on your call center dashboard, it’s imperative to analyze KPIs and metrics that support your agents’ performance on a day-to-day basis. This will help you to focus on the problems that agents are facing and put strategic measures for improving their performance.

Analyzing all touchpoints make the difference

In today’s time, customers have a myriad of communication platforms at their fingertips. From emails to telephone support and social media, it’s necessary to cover all possible touchpoints for providing seamless customer support. By offering a wealth of indispensable insights, a call center dashboard empowers you to build an exceptional customer service team. This helps your support agents to effectively analyze data in all respective areas of your business.

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See what question types are possible with a sample survey!

Why choose Voxco for Call Center Dashboards?

Interactive Dashboards

Voxco comes equipped with powerful and advanced dashboards for both agents and supervisors, providing them with the required insightful information to boost organizational productivity.

Best-in-class Support

We pride ourselves on delivering round-the-clock support and guidance so that our clients can truly get the most from our top-notch call center dashboards.

Comprehensive Feature Set

Voxco offers cutting-edge functionalities like call blending, flexible quotas in-call routing that empowers your call center to gain an edge over the competition.

Omnichannel reach

Robust call center dashboards aside, our brilliant platform empowers call centers to effectively reach out to their target audience across multiple channels.

Call Center Dashboards: FAQs

What is a KPI in a call center?

A KPI (also known as Key Performance Indicator) is a measurable value that represents how effectively a brand, team, or agent is achieving its intended business goals.

What is a customer dashboard?

A customer dashboard is a reporting tool that helps you track the performance of your online business or eCommerce store. It also plays a vital role in signifying the value of online marketing efforts for a particular business.

What is call center reporting?

Call center reporting is the process of extracting actionable insights from call center systems into particular reports. This mainly includes your Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) system as it automatically generates historical and real-time reports.

What is the purpose of a dashboard?

Dashboards are tools used for visualizing data to help users understand the analytics crucial to their business or project. By assembling data and effectively visualizing trends, dashboards make it easy for users to understand the analytics process.

How is call center performance measured?

Call center performance is measured with the help of the following metrics:

  • First Contact Resolution
  • Average Handle Time 
  • Average Call Transfer Rate
  • Abandoned Call Rate
  • Customer Satisfaction Score
  • Agent Attrition Rate 
  • Customer Churn Rate
  • Service Level 
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