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What is Call Center Call Scoring?

Call center call scoring is the process of evaluating call data against some defined performance standards. Being used by call center managers to analyze live as well as recorded calls, call center call scoring uses evaluation forms for scoring customer service agents. It also empowers sales and marketing teams to surface some metrics like sales script compliance as well as inbound lead quality.

Using call center call scoring can help to improve agents’ performance by seamlessly enhancing their motivation levels. Moreover, it enables your call center to effortlessly identify ineffective or failing procedures and key drivers behind customer frustrations. Call scoring makes it easy for managers to focus on the training and professional development of their agents. 

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Why should your company use Call Center Call Scoring?

In the case of customer service, call center call scoring can help to boost agents’ efficiency, reduce turnover, and elevate customer retention, As far as sales are concerned, call scoring helps in determining the drivers behind qualified leads, i.e. why they pick up the phone and call. This empowers brands to focus their marketing efforts on channels that deliver the best return.

Irrespective of the industry you work in, employing a set of standards helps to boost your team’s morale and self-accountability. With the implementation of an effective call center call scoring solution, you can ensure that expectations are communicated among agents across every team so that everyone stays on the same page.

By leveraging call recording, it helps organizations to keep their ear to the ground and gather the feedback they need! As many leads that call in have a similar question related to a service, it gives the light of inspiration for creating content pieces that could help. By knowing different customers and leads who call in, it helps to streamline training efforts for addressing their specific needs. 

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What are the main categories for call center call scoring?


Agents greet their customers using the script given to them by the company at the time of training. This script includes the agent's and the company's introduction and also thanking the customer for calling. The most crucial part of the script is making a customer aware of the call recording. 

Account Verification

Ask your caller the right set of questions for gathering information that could verify if you're working with the correct account.

Contact Information

Apart from verifying the account, it's necessary to refresh the contact information which includes the caller's email address, phone number, etc. This helps to avoid miscommunication later.

Customer Service Quality

Add a sense of personalization in the call, use the customer's name throughout the call, and make them feel that you're listening to them. Repeat particular details back to the customer in order to avoid any chances of miscommunication.

Wrap up and Follow up

After the issue gets resolved, ask the customer if your assistance is further required for anything and thank them for getting in touch. In case the problem needs more assistance, develop a follow-up appointment for the mutual benefit of both parties.

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How to design an evaluation form for call center call scoring?

Start by engaging staff

To build an evaluation form for call scoring, it's important to involve and engage employees across different levels. This includes the managers, supervisors, trainers, as well as agents in the contact center.

Don’t forget to measure

Leverage internal QA system to measure the adherence of the internal processes. This measurement should be focused on metrics that customers consider important. For example, the first-call resolution can be a critical measure of an enterprise's effectiveness in handling customer issues. Most of the customers appreciate such criteria.

Categorizing is key

In order to perform call scoring evaluation, you should create categories on the basis of relevance and importance. The categories in the evaluation form can cover points like call opening, communication skills, product knowledge, call closing, skills for problem resolution, etc.

Testing is essential

Before rolling out your call scoring evaluation form for implementation, it's imperative to test and review it for identifying any errors.

All that matters is training

Ensure to conduct training sessions on the new scoring evaluation for all employees in your contact center. This will make them aware of the items included in the evaluation form and the related process.

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Call Center Call Scoring Methods: A look inside

Call Recording and Monitoring

It's good to trust your service agents’ abilities but there’s always room for improvement. By recording agents’ and customers’ interactions, you’ll get to know the quality of service being delivered at first hand. By identifying the areas where the agent needs to improve, call monitoring plays a crucial role in creating targeted training modules for polishing skills where there's a need.

Effective Reporting

Voxco’s comprehensive reporting features allow call center managers to sort metric data with ultimate precision, i.e. filtered on the basis of QA analysts, teams, as well as individual agents. By providing a broad overview of your customer service across the call center, it helps you make informed decisions with the required data at your fingertips. Moreover, reports help to gain insights into agents' performance in real-time.

Customer Surveys

Surveys are considered to be terrific call scoring methods. Ask your customers to truly share their thoughts about the quality of service received so far. This empowers you to understand the overall performance of your call center and uncover insights into customer perceptions about your brand.

Agents’ Assessment

Keep monitoring the progress and overall performance of your agents to keep a tab on the efficiency of your call center processes. Doing so can help you acknowledge which agents require more training and which ones need applause for their excellent performance.

Why Voxco's the best bet for your Call Center Call Scoring?

Insightful dashboards and analytics

Voxco comes equipped with advanced dashboards and analytics that empower call centers to streamline their call scoring evaluation process. By seamlessly syncing data across channels like CATI, IVR, & cloud-based dialers, Voxco's dashboards help to add reliability and validity to your call center call scoring.

Flexible & Secure Hosting

Gathering data is an extremely crucial part of the call scoring and evaluation process in a call center. With Voxco, call centers can either store their data on-premise, i.e. compliant with their security protocols, or store it safely in the cloud, ensuring access anywhere & anytime.

Regulation Compliance

Be it GDPR, TCPA, or HIPAA - Voxco’s power-packed omnichannel call center solutions ensure that all compliance requirements are met for seamless call scoring and evaluation.

Call Center Call Scoring: FAQs

A call center should at least monitor its agents twice every week. Intending to create a healthy environment for feedback, it helps agents to work on the required areas and perform better every time. Also, the agents should be aware that they’ll be receiving feedback on their performance.

Call center call scoring helps ensure better agent training, higher agent engagement, enchanced agent productivity, reduces agent churn & ensures high customer satisfaction. It helps drive sales & enables businesses to grow faster.

A call center KPI (also known as Key Performance Indicator) is a measurable value used for demonstrating how effectively a brand or a specific department is achieving the intended business goals.

Call scoring can be done by using evaluation forms that score agents on factors such as call greeting, account verification, updating customer contact info, customer service quality, wrap up & follow up & so on

Here are some metrics for evaluating the performance of a call center: 

  • First Contact Resolution (FCR)
  • Service Level 
  • Average Handle Time
  • Average Call Transfer Rate
  • Customer Satisfaction Score
  • Abandoned Call Rate
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Voxco’s platform helps you gather omnichannel feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights and act on them.

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Great Research
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Voxco’s platform helps you gather omnichannel feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights and act on them.

Join 500 + global clients across 40+ countries