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Blind Call Transfer

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Introduction to Blind Call Transfer

An industry like a call center involves working with phone calls every day and hour. They have to provide a 24X7 service to their customers and clients. This type of business thus inevitably requires transferring of calls among agents and departments.

The need to transfer calls can vary and often impacts on AHT of the Call Center. However, to ensure that customers receive what they ask for is more important. 

There are two ways an agent transfers call over to another agent. The one we are discussing is Blind Call Transfer.


What is Blind Transfer in Call Centers?

Blind Transfer is also known as Cold Transfer is so named because in this scenario the next agent is not given any heads up beforehand. 

The agent who receives the call realizes that there is another agent who can handle the issue better. The first agent transfers the call to that agent without providing the next agent any context about the issue. The customer is also left without any notice that their call is being transferred to another agent. 

In case the next agent is unavailable at the time of transfer, the caller is transferred to voicemail.

One scenario of Blind Transfer is: The agent receives the call and listens to the reason for the call from the customer. Without asking for any more information or helping the caller, they directly pass the call to another agent. 

Scenarios two is: The agent helps the caller with all their knowledge. However, when they find the customer still requires more help they transfer the call to another agent who is more experienced and has more knowledge. 

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When to Use Blind Transfer?

No matter what Blind Transfer does not sound like a good idea. There is a high chance of customers getting frustrated having to repeat their issue to a new agent once again. 

But, sometimes Blind Transfers can be useful. There are times when a caller needs to connect to a different department and their or the agent’s identity won’t matter. 

For instance, a customer called into your sales department but they need basic help with their account. Once you understand what the caller wants you can transfer the call to the appropriate department. Since the caller reached the wrong department and does not want any specific agent it is okay to make a Blind Transfer.

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Cold Transfer is when an agent transfers a call to another agent without informing the next agent or the customer. It is also called Blind Transfer because both the next agent and the customer receive no context of the call being transferred. 

Call Forward commonly occurs before a call is answered by anyone. It can also be don’t during a conversion but using a Feature Code.

Call Transfer occurs when a call is directed from one employee to another. It generally occurs after the first employee speaks with the caller and understands their purpose for calling.

Warm Transfer occurs when an employee receives a call and transfers it to another employee after checking if they are available. The first employee also gives the next employee all the information regarding the call to the next employee. 

The caller is also asked for permission for the call transfer and informed about the transfer. 

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