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Voxco Online

Review your survey data as it’s collected

Keep your eyes on study progress, get instant survey results, and share and create reports through your own portal. Voxco Online makes it all easy.

Up-to-the-minute participation monitoring

  • Drop analysis. Spot problem questions with drop analysis. Quickly see where respondents are abandoning your survey and check the dropout rate of each question.
  • Daily tracking. Daily activity reports tell you everything you need to know about completion rates.
  • Disposition picture. Get the big picture for a whole survey, including number of completed, screened out, dropped out, and over quota.
  • Device activity trends. Find out which devices respondents use to complete your survey. Learn whether they prefer tablets, desktops, or mobile phones for different types of surveys.
  • Completion times. Keep respondents happy by being accurate – make sure that your average completion time is what you say it is.

Live and scheduled answers reporting

  • Real-time view. Voxco Online survey software enables you to see answers as they come in.
  • Top-line report. Get an instant snapshot of the most critical questions. Quickly see how respondents are answering, along with NPS scores and all the standard statistical analysis.
  • View and edit individual responses. You can drill down to responses by individual. This makes it easy to edit surveys if ever you need to make changes, like re-coding answers.
  • Multiple data export formats. Export data in multiple formats including Excel, SPSS, CSV, and TXT.
  • Automated export schedule. Schedule data exports to run automatically, and choose the team members or clients who receive them.
  • Cross-tab reports. Generate analytical reports including multilevel banners and cross tabulations.
  • Interactive reporting dashboards. Impress your stakeholders. Voxco Online has partnered with data visualization company Dapresy to offer dynamic survey results dashboards that streamline the management and distribution of your study results.
  • Reporting Portal. Create a secure portal that allows you to share results with your team or with clients. Voxco Online web survey software lets you define individual user access rights that can be limited or more open to enable users to create their own reports. Customize the portal with your own branding.

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