Our Partners

Data Analytics & Visualization 

MarketSight offers a cloud-based data analysis and visualization platform and provides professional design services that empower researchers to discover and share key insights to drive business decisions.

INFÓRMESE has a presence across Latin America, where they are leading experts in guiding intelligent business management using analytics. The organization trains its clients on how to use data collection and analytics to support better business decisions.

Dapresy is a global provider of market intelligence and insight software. It enables clients to deploy dynamic KPI-driven marketing dashboards to clearly communicate complex data. For marketers looking to move beyond PowerPoint and Excel, Dapresy is the effective way to easily present marketing information from multiple sources to improve decision-making.

Survey Incentives Management

Rybbon is a digital rewards management solution that enables survey creators to incentivize respondents. Voxco‘s seamless integration with Rybbon enables researchers using any of our omnichannel offerings to improve their response rates and lower drop off rates by offering digital survey rewards.

Text Analytics & Sentiment analysis

A social media monitoring and analysis provider, Semeon combines the best semantic, sentiment, intent and statistical analysis. The perfect integration between Semeon and Voxco’s survey platform makes for unparalleled market intelligence.

Local regional Voxco distributors

Inmega is one of Mexico’s first and leading providers of market research services. It has offices in Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Tijuana, and Merida.

Telephony partners

Sandler partners delivers best-in-class telecom, cloud, IT and continuity solutions form 200+ suppliers through a network of more than 7,000 expert technology sales partners. Thousands of organizations count on our solutions experts to take the complexity out of selecting and sourcing telecom, IT and cloud services.

BBD provides additional network redundancy by employing its intelligent network routing mix, which provides our clients with access to up to 30 diverse carrier networks. BBD has network Points of Presence (“POPs”), strategically located in the highest profile, most secure and reliable carrier hotels across the U.S. and Canada, including the following cities: Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis and Toronto.

Televergence is a telecommunications carrier with expertise in contact center technology and operations. For businesses that want to initiate Inbound Toll-Free customer support or Outbound Long Distance for research or telemarketing. Televergence can add capacity and run alongside your system.

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