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But, really, you want to know if Voxco knows About You.

You conduct surveys. We help you do exactly that. We provide the survey tools to make sure your surveys are delivered efficiently and data is collected accurately, and projects go off without a hitch.

You wonder if we can handle your particular organization. Voxco counts hundreds of clients worldwide, from small market research agencies to large polling firms. With offices located in North America, Europe and Australia and a partnership in Latin America, we provide survey tools and services around the globe to organizations like yours. We know that no two companies are alike; each one has its own needs.

You need a provider that is very present, since survey software is vital to your business. We work more like a data collection partner than simply a survey tool provider. And as a privately owned company, we can focus on your needs instead of our own shareholders’ concerns.

Your work lives and dies on efficiency. We help you each step along the way to make sure you fulfill your data collection needs at the optimal level.

You use a mix of survey data gathering modes. Our integrated survey software platform gives you the ability to collect data in a seamless fashion, any way you want. Voxco survey tools operate in a full range of modes: Online (web surveys), CATI (phone surveys), Mobile Offline (face-to-face interviews), and IVR (interactive voice response survey systems).

You have seen tremendous changes taking place in market research technology. Falling behind worries you. Since opening our offices over 25 years ago, we have navigated through huge industry changes. Voxco has continued to innovate and push ahead to develop more efficient and reliable survey tools to help you to manage data collection programs.

Our Team

Our team comes from many different places and most of us speak at least two languages, in some cases more. New mobile developers and CATI experts make up part of the Voxco group.

Several of our clients liked our software so much – they joined our team. Talk about understanding the client perspective. Our employees’ passion and commitment makes Voxco a great place to work. They also make Voxco the place for clients to turn to for their survey needs.

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As a national, fast growing firm, our suppliers need to keep pace with our rigorous demands. We have been using Voxco survey software for over 15 years, which is a real testament to their ability to fully and consistently support all of our needs. They allow us to stay ahead in our own survey technology solutions.

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