Elevate employee experience with actionable insights using
Voxco Research Cloud™!

Retaining top talent is tough. Your employees should grow with your organisation. Uncover Employee Insights with Voxco to:

Attract, hire & retain the best talent in the industry

Create data-driven employee-centric work culture that boosts employee satisfaction

Ensure employees believe in your Company Mission & Vision. Enhance productivity

Use Insights to set best workplace policies, trainings & processes.

Better anticipate and reduce attrition.

Employee Experience with Voxco

Systematically measure & improve employee experience with powerful survey tools, any where, any time.

Create data-driven employee-centric work culture

Understand employee needs, align management & pinpoint work culture improvement opportunities.

Transform key touchpoints into a positive employee experience

Understand every employee's journey (from recruiting & onboarding to leaving) across different channels. Capture feedback to measure, discover & improve the key drivers of employee experience.

Foster an employee-centric work culture

Enable management to detect & resolve issues as they happen. Deliver on what matters to each employee – good workplace policies, fair performance reviews, mentorship, training, positive networking & career growth opportunities, etc.

Use insights to set best practices & processes

Target organizational improvements by allocating spend efficiently across the organization. Drive strategic direction by identifying priority areas.

Completely customizable Surveys

Employee Experience - What exactly is it?

In simple terms, the sum total of interactions your employee has during his organizational journey is their Employee Experience. This encompasses all possible interactions your employee may have with your company, right up from the recruitment phase till after their exit.

Employee Experience Journey

Attract and Hire - Be the best company to work for

Onboard - Ensure smooth induction, clarity about role & Company ethos

Engage & Perform - Align employee strengths with company purpose

Develop - Inspire, Mentor and Develop new skills

Exit - Leave on good terms

Features - Use Voxco to Empower your EX

Use powerful, logic driven surveys to engage employees like never before

All the standard & advanced question types possible

Benchmark yourself against industry scores

Distribute surveys online to a wide range of respondents

Access survey data in real-time

Optimize around individual metrics

Track changes and improvements over time

Why Voxco’s your
best bet for EX

Maximize respondent reach with comprehensive multi-channel surveys.

One integrated platform for phone, web & face to face surveys.

Dive deeper into data with dynamic dashboards & analytics.
Drag & drop functionality to create custom cross tabs & measure statistical significance.
Tailor-made hosting options depending on client needs.
Need a SaaS plan or on-premise options for security or privacy reasons? We can do both.
Premium support, a call or click away.
Exceptional support & call center guidance so that you can maximize your efficiency.

Data analysis and
reporting made easy

Save time & increase productivity

Dynamic dashboards bring data to life

Quick crosstabs and statistical analysis

Secure portal to share results

Visual analytics in one click