Cloud Contact Center cloud contact center

Cloud Contact Center : An effective solution to handle customer queries

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What is cloud contact center?

A cloud contact center is a third party hosted software used by enterprises to handle the inbound and outbound customer query calls. A cloud based contact center can be used to handle queries from multiple channels like online, phone, social media or text. It can be deployed in a minimal amount of time and with a low upfront capital investment. A cloud contact center supports the contact center by enhancing the modern capabilities of the center.

Applications hosted in Cloud Contact Center are:

  • ACD or Automatic Call Distributors are used to automatically route the calls to agents 
  • IVR or Interactive Voice Response system is a pre-recorded message chain that can be used to greet the customers or used to provide self-service option

Additionally, Cloud Contact Centers also have technology for workforce management (WFM), CRM, analytics, etc. Newer cloud-based contact centers are facilitating the workflow and making the purpose of the contact center more powerful and cost-effective.

Cloud Contact Center cloud contact center

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Why do you require a Cloud Contact Center?

Cloud Contact Center comprises tools and services which make communication easy and quick in today’s digital world. Until the advancement in technology, the traditional contact center infrastructure was expensive, requiring maintaining the redundant hardware. However, modern and advanced alternative Cloud Contact Center software has transformed the call center infrastructure more powerful and affordable. 

  • Cost-Efficient: Unlike before, companies using cloud hosting do not have to update software systems, buy hardware, or fear hacking attempts. Cloud provider operates all the required actions while the organization focuses on providing exceptional customer service. 
  • Less Maintenance: It requires minimal investment to install a cloud infrastructure with no compromise on the quality of work. No more need to hire a system administrator to manage the hardware and maintain the program and software. 
  • Flexible Work Lifestyle: Cloud Contact Center allows agents to log in and work from any location. Any agent with a computer and a good internet connection can work from anywhere in the world. As a result, the freedom and flexibility provide agents the perk to eliminate commuting. 
  • Scalable Operation: Cloud contact center can increase or decrease agents as per requirement and pay only for the shifts/work-days they are hired. Companies often have fluctuation in the volume of calls and workload, leading to ebb and flow in staffing requirements. 
  • Streamline Service: With all the easy-to-access tools and features provided by Cloud, a Contact Center can more efficiently improve customer experience. It works both ways, enhancing the service provided for the customers while also supporting and empowering the agents.

What features to consider while choosing a Cloud Contact Center Provider?

Moving on from traditional infrastructure to a cloud-based contact center infrastructure promises great reliability, cost-efficiency, and multiple functionalities. However, you should be well aware of what features/requirements to look for when selecting a cloud provider.

  • Cloud SLA Uptime: When negotiating an agreement with a cloud SLA it is advised to ensure that the contact center provides a reliable quality connection. Additionally, it is important to clarify the uptimes. For example;
    • Three nines, 99.9% uptime implies 9 hours of disconnection per year.
    • Five nines, 99.999% uptime translates to roughly five minutes of outage annually. 

Voxco’s Contact center solution ensures minimal downtime. 

  • SVI: Cloud contact center software that allows optimizing greetings, customize pre-recorded messages in multiple languages and build options in the menu gives better service to the customers. Continuously adapting your IVR to the needs of customers will help the company in their relationships with their customers. Check out Voxco’s IVR Survey Software. 
  • Add Communication Channels: As per research, nine out of ten customers choose to use text messages to communicate with a company rather than a phone call. With Cloud API you should be able to add other channels to the pre-loaded channels. For example, Web-based chat can connect a customer directly to your agents via a website/app.
  • Web Interface: Enabling agents to receive calls or make calls from the browser or the CRM directly is one factor of Web Interface. WebRTC allows video or voice communication inside the website/web page to work. There is no requirement to install plugins in the browsers. You can add agents in a new region without needing any local hardware or spending capital expense.
  • Omnichannel Routing: This feature should allow your agents to direct customer queries through a range of service channels. Omnichannel routing ensures that the task is directed to the skilled agent. 
  • Tracking Calls: Cloud software must have the feature of tracking incoming and outgoing calls. In Addition to keeping track of the volume of calls, it should also be able to measure the performance of the agent and compile analytics.
Cloud Contact Center cloud contact center

Characteristics of Cloud Contact Center

  • Extreme focus on Customer Experience : Meeting the needs of the customer and resolving their issues over the phone, text, email, chats, etc. is very challenging. A Cloud Contact Center can aid and support a company in this challenge.
  • Integrated Contact Center Solution : Cloud software integrates multiple channels of communication in the system helping agents to communicate with the customers and also maintain records of the communication.
  • Automatic Call Routing : Call routing ensures that the customer speaks to a qualified and skilled agent to resolve their issue without complexities.
  • Hold Option to reduce drop out : Provides a customer the option of staying on hold until an agent becomes available or reschedules the call based on the caller’s desired time. 
  • Efficient Workforce management tools: It also comprises workforce management tools to help the agents and supervisors to manage their time. The agents can put their system in self-service while they go for their meeting or training.
  • Advanced Analytics for efficient tracking: Supervisors have access to analytics and dashboard and data like call duration, call waiting time, etc. 

Why choose Voxco’s Cloud Contact Center Software?

Flexible Hosting Options

  • On-Premise Hosting

Voxco’s cloud contact center can be used in an on-premise setting which ensures the highest safety, greater control and enhanced flexibility. With On-Premise hosting, control all interactions with your database. Experience greater agility and enhanced productivity without compromising on security.  

  • Cloud Hosting 

With cloud-hosted contact center solutions, experience flexibility to scale up or down with minimal efforts. With minimal downtime, deliver great customer experiences round the clock. The user-friendly cloud center software requires no IT team involvement. 

  • Hybrid Hosting 

Effectively manage your contact center with Hybrid hosting options. Experience enhanced scalability options while ensuring highest database security.  

Enhanced Security

With TCPA compliant systems used by world’s leading phone survey centers, you can ensure the highest safety standards for your database. Voxco’s cloud contact center can handle all the local security requirements around the world.

Voxco’s Cloud Contact Center Solution for Supervisors

  • Real Time Supervision – With Voxco’s Cloud contact center solution, supervisors can monitor agents performance in real time. 
  • Efficient Workflow Management – Supervisors can create complex call-back rules or create automated workflows to increase agent and contact center productivity.  
  • Enhanced Live Call Monitoring – With Audio live monitoring, screen sharing or interviewer messaging, managing agent performance becomes a breeze. 
  • Advanced Features – Voxco’s Contact Center Solution has advanced telephony features like barge-in, join mode, quota creation, in-call routing and many more. 
  • In-Depth Reporting – Track Contact Center KPIs like Average call time, Queue or Workflows in real time using visual dashboards.

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