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Survey Templates

Choose from a wide range of survey templates to help you get started on your research! We’re always updating this page with more templates, so keep checking in! Do keep in mind that these survey templates are here to serve as inspiration – both in terms of content and survey design, and can give you a small preview of what’s possible with Voxco’s omnichannel survey software.

Table of Contents
Customer Experience

Enhance your Customer Experience with our CX survey templates! Better understand customer pain points and develop an enriching customer journey with Voxco. 

Customer Experience Survey Templates

Employee Experience​

Reduce employee churn with our Employee Experience survey templates. Understand areas of concern within your organization and boost employee productivity!

Employee Experience Survey Templates

Market Research

Learn key drivers behind market trends. Better understand your target audience with Voxco’s Market Research survey templates.

Market Research Survey Templates

Product Experience

What is it about your products that draws customers to your brand – or drives them away. Our product experience survey templates will help you understand customer preferences and develop a coherent product strategy!

Product Experience Survey Templates

Patient Experience

Better understand patient concerns with our patient experience survey templates. Perform better in mandated PX tests with Voxco!

Patient Experience Survey Templates

Survey Methodologies

Not sure which survey questions are right for your research? Our library of survey features can help!

Survey Methodologies Survey Templates