Research Cloud™

The Insights platform for Changemakers


One Platform. All channels.

Joignez n'importe Qui, n'importe Quand, n'importe Où.

The Voxco Research Cloud™ maximizes ways for you to reach
respondents. All modes are part of one centralized omnichannel
platform, so no matter how you survey respondents, the data
stays in the same place (even on-premise!)

Modular Phone survey system (Integrated telephony page link). You can
combine our powerful Voxco CATI (link) mode with Voxco's Cloud Dialer
(link) and Voxco IVR (link) to create an integrated phone survey system of
unparalleled efficiency

Seamless Online & offline surveys. Run your web surveys with Voxco Online
(insert link) and pair it seamlessly with Voxco Mobile Offline (insert link) for
tablet interviews in the field where there is no network connection

Extra survey tools. Our data collection modes are supported by additional
tools like Panel Manager (link) , Dashboard (link) , and an experienced Professional Services team (link) to help cover all your needs.

Greater efficiency
for you

Une solution d'enquête unifiée
Une création centralisée des enquêtes
Dive Deeper into Data
Autres outils intégrés
Hébergement et flexibilité
Service et assistance Premium, par téléphone ou par mail