Patient satisfaction post-visit survey template

Get insights from your patient experience after customer visits.

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Patient Satisfaction post-visit survey

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Healthcare is a constantly evolving sector and is prone to high levels of patient churn. Patient Experience is now a key area of focus for most healthcare providers, and patient satisfaction post-visit survey templates can help provide intelligent, actionable insights into how your PX efforts are faring after a visit. 

Identifying patient concerns after a visit can help you develop a strategy for improving patient experience, and reducing patient churn. You’ll also get insights into understanding your customers better than ever.

Voxco’s Patient satisfaction post-visit survey template can help:

  • Easily identify areas of improvement in your services
  • Get insights into new services you can offer
  • Understand patient preferences in post visit scenarios

Download Our Patient Satisfaction post-visit survey template

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Why Voxco for patient satisfaction post-visit survey templates

With our patient satisfaction templates, you can get deeper insights into how patients interact with your services, what are their key areas of concern, and at which point along the patient journey do they decide to leave your services for that of a competitor.

Why our survey software is best suited for gauging patient satisfaction:

  • Conduct research across multiple channels: Online, via telephone or face to face
  • Premium service and support
  • Intelligent dashboards that help you get the most from your data
  • Drag and drop functionality that helps you build powerful surveys with ease

Top questions you should be asking in a patient satisfaction post-visit survey

    1. How easy or difficult was it to schedule your appointment?
    2.  How would you rate the services you received from the staff at our facility?

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