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Online Booking Survey

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E-commerce has become one of the primary methods for making transactions and purchases, and online bookings for the hospitality sector are no exception. It is no longer a convenience, but a necessity. A poor experience with online bookings is likely to drive away customers. With Voxco’s online booking survey template, you can understand how customers go about the booking process, and what are the hurdles they face while making a transaction. 

Our Online booking survey template can help those in the hospitality sector:

  • Better understand customer preferences
  • Identify areas of concern within their booking process
  • Get insights into how their web presence is performing
  • Uncover key areas for improvement in your services

Download our Online Booking Survey Template

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Why Voxco’s your best bet for Online Booking Surveys

To better understand their customers, businesses in the hospitality sector can use our online booking surveys for generating intelligent, actionable insights. Voxco’s survey software can help you identify customer pain points via direct feedback and help position yourself as a brand which is responsive to customer feedback. 

Why Voxco’s omnichannel survey software is best suited for online booking surveys:

  • Easy on boarding with our best in class service and support
  • Develop powerful surveys easily with drag and drop functionality
  • Dynamic dashboards which help you get more from your data
  • Reach respondents via phone, online surveys or face to face

Top Questions you should ask in an online booking survey

  1. What was your primary reason for visiting today?
  2. Was it easy to find available dates for booking?
  3. Were your booking receipts emailed to you?

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