Market Segmentation Survey Template

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Market Segmentation Survey

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Market segmentation helps researchers understand subgroups that comprise your target audience. By effectively identifying key market segments, you can then position your brand, or your products and services more effectively and drive organizational growth. Segmentation is key to effective campaign planning, and our market segmentation survey template allows companies to learn more about both existing and potential customers.

Our Market Segmentation Survey Template can help you:

  • Understand key preferences in your customer bases depending on their segment
  • Identify opportunities for meeting potential customer demands
  • Effectively plan marketing and sales campaigns for the future
  • Gain insights that help you build better products and services

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Why Voxco’s your best bet for market segmentation survey templates

With Voxco’s market segmentation survey templates, You can understand your target audience like never before. You can identify differences in consumer preferences across multiple segments, and tailor your marketing and product strategies accordingly to drive growth. Ultimately, this will help your organization deliver better customer experience!

Why our survey software is best suited for market segmentation surveys:

  • Conduct research on any channel – online, face to face, or telephonically (CATI/IVR)
  • Easy on-boarding with our premium service and support
  • Dynamic dashboards and powerful analytics tools to help you get the most from your collected data
  • Develop complex surveys easily using drag and drop functionality

Top questions you should be asking in a market segmentation survey

q) How would you describe your employment status?

q) What would best describe your household?

q) Please share your monthly household income