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Exit Interview

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With an aim to retain top talent and minimize unwanted attrition, exit interviews help businesses develop a happier and engaging environment in the workplace. With actionable employee exit insights in real-time, an exit interview empowers brands to: 

  • Improve attrition rate by retaining high-performing employees
  • Uncover key drivers behind employee attrition to prevent them from leaving
  • Solicit feedback from former employees to evaluate their pain points 
  • Identify the areas that require improvement for keeping the best people.

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    Why is Voxco the best bet for Exit Interviews?

    Retaining highly valued employees is a tough task. Voxco’s best-in-class Exit Interviews make it simple for you! By uncovering actionable insights into the employee lifecycle, we empower brands to identify the correct actions that play a pivotal role in building a loyal and productive workforce. Intending to transform exit interviews into exciting opportunities for employee engagement, Voxco’s robust exit interview survey comes with: 

    • One integrated platform for phone, web & face to face surveys to maximize respondent reach. 
    • Drag & drop functionality for measuring statistical significance to delve deeper into data. 
    • Tailor-made hosting options (both SaaS or on-premise) to ensure security & privacy.
    • Round-the-clock support & call center guidance to easily maximize efficiency.

    Top questions to include in your Exit Interview

    Q: What prompted you to leave this company? 

    Q: How was your overall experience working for our company? 

    So, what are you waiting for? Use Voxco’s Exit Interviews to systematically retain your top talent! 

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