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Personal Finance Survey

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Customer preferences are changing in the finance industry. To keep abreast of present and future customer requirements, banks and financial institutions can use Personal Finance Survey templates. These surveys collect feedback directly from your target audience, and generate insights which can help financial institutions deliver more personalized services.

In a market where customers have more choices than ever, conducting surveys is essential for finance businesses to deliver better services and stand out from the competition.

Voxco’s Personal Finance Survey Template can help banks and financial institutions:

  • Deliver more personalized services
  • Uncover areas for improvement in your services
  • Get insights into your target audiences’ personal finance habits
  • Create more effective marketing and sales campaigns

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Why Voxco for Personal Finance Surveys

Voxco’s personal finance survey templates can be used as a tool to query your respondents on their finance habits as well as educate them on best practices for personal finance. Our free survey template can be used by analysts in financial institutions to gauge their respondents’ demographic, financial background, and get an insight into what decisions they’re planning for the near future.

Why Voxco’s omnichannel survey software is ideal for personal finance surveys:

  • Conduct research across multiple channels: Online, via phone or face to face
  • Premium service and support
  • Easily create surveys with drag and drop functionality
  • Dynamic dashboards which help you get more from your data

Top questions you should ask in a personal finance survey

  1. How would you describe your ability to manage your finances?
  2. Which of the following attributes of finance do you wish you had a better understanding of?