Demographic Survey Template

A survey template to enable you to get insights into the demographics of your respondent base.

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Demographic Survey

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Demographic surveys are crucial for researchers – Whether its research for a potential target audience for a product, or to find out the segmentation of your existing customer base, demographic surveys can help get valuable insights into your respondents. They also help researchers identify how their brand/products/services are perceived by different demographics.

Voxco’s demographic survey template can help you:

  • Gain intelligent insights that can help identify key demographics for your brand
  • Understand key drivers behind customer sentiment towards your brand, and how it differs with changing demographics
  • Position yourself as a brand that caters to unique attributes of individual dynamics

Download our Demographic Survey Template

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Why Voxco is your best bet for demographic surveys

Understanding demographics is a key part of segmenting your target audience. By conducting demographic surveys, you also gain insights into how different segments of the market view your brand. With these insights you have the power to shape your brand image in a way that suits your goals. 

Voxco’s omnichannel demographic surveys can help you

  • Develop complex surveys to power your research with intelligent survey flow logic options
  • Analyze important data in real time with dynamic dashboards
  • Reach any demographic and understand their perceptions via phone, online or face to face surveys
  • Get on boarded quickly and easily with our best in class service and support

Top Questions you should be asking in a demographic survey

q) What is the highest level of education you have completed?

q) What is your current employment status?

q) What comes to your mind when you hear of “brand name” ?

Get ready to create demographic surveys for engaging respondents anywhere, anytime with Voxco. Trusted by Global Brands across 40+ countries!