Free COVID Survey Template

Uncover the factors driving your employee’s physical, emotional, and social well-being during COVID-19

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Free COVID Survey

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The free COVID Surveys empower brands to gain insights into the wellbeing of their employees as they work through COVID-19. By listening to the employees’ concerns and maintaining strong internal communication within the team, COVID surveys play a pivotal role in building a strong company culture during unprecedented times. Voxco’s Free COVID Survey template enables you to:

  • Gain effective insights into employee’s physical and emotional health
  • Understand employee concerns during the uncertain times
  • Identify & improve the key drivers behind employee experience
  • Foster an exceptional culture that delivers what employees want 

Download our Free COVID Survey Template

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Why is Voxco the best bet for Free COVID Surveys?

Is pandemic taking a toll on your employees‘ physical and mental health? Are you finding it challenging to ensure a successful workforce amidst COVID-19? Look no further than Voxco’s Free COVID Survey! By delving deeper into the employee concerns, we empower brands to drive strategic direction by effortlessly identifying the challenges their employees are facing. Intending to streamline employees‘ interactions with your company during the trying times, Voxco’s free COVID survey comes with: 

  • One integrated platform for phone, web & face to face surveys to maximize respondent reach. 
  • Drag & drop functionality for measuring statistical significance to delve deeper into data. 
  • Tailor-made hosting options (both SaaS or on-premise) to ensure security & privacy.
  • Round-the-clock support & call center guidance to easily maximize efficiency.

Top questions one should ask in a COVID Survey

Q) How comfortable do you feel returning to work in the office? 

Q) Did you feel supported by your manager while working from home?

So, what are you waiting for? Use Voxco’s Free COVID Survey to systematically move forward as an organization amidst this pandemic! 

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