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Preview mode

Phone numbers are automatically pushed to interviewers’ screens so they can review the case. When ready, interviewers instruct the dialer to place the call or manually dial the number themselves.

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Predictive mode

A fully-automated dialing mode. The dialing rate is constantly adjusted based on ongoing prediction of interviewers’ availability. This maximizes interviewing productivity while minimizing the risk of dropped calls. Ideal for studies with large samples and call lists, and for Random Digit Dialing lists.

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Power mode

Non-predictive dialing is also fully automated; but the dial rate is set to prohibit dropped calls. It only dials on as many phone lines as there are free interviewers. Ideal for balancing productivity and a zero drop rate.

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Hybrid mode

Hybrid mode enables you to simultaneously use multiple dialing modes within a single study. In this mode, Predictive dialing and Preview dialing are blended, eliminating the need for interviewers to toggle between modes. Ideal for cell phone sample components.

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Manual dialing

Voxco TCPA Connect offers US survey call centers four distinct manual-dialing deployment scenarios. Compared to detached-phone manual dialing or autodialing-only environments, each improves project productivity via integrated call monitoring, automated case distribution, and accurate call statistics

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