Voxco adds three powerful capabilities to its insights platform.

The new features will make it easy for users to swiftly gather feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights & act on them


Voxco Gains Powerful CX Capabilities Voxco gains powerful CX capabilities

Voxco, the omnichannel insights platform announced today that it launched three new features- Word Import, Close the Loop, and Text Analytics

Following the launch of Voxco Intelligence earlier this year, Voxco added these new features to deliver on its promise of enabling organizations to take strategic data-driven actions easily. 

The Word Import, Close the Loop, and Text Analytics are capabilities that’ll enable Voxco users to ‘Gather,’ ‘Measure,’ & ‘Act’ on survey feedback, respectively. 

“Speed, accuracy, ease of use, and flexibility have been key differentiators for Voxco and reasons why customers rely on us,” said Sumit Aneja, CEO of Voxco.

With these new additions to the host of already existing powerful features, we’re making it easier for our customers to create surveys, analyze and act on survey responses instantly to drive success.”

New Voxco features make ‘Gathering,’ ‘Measuring,’ & ‘Acting on’ survey feedback easy

Word Import

Word Import lets users import survey questionnaires directly from any Microsoft Word Document into Voxco Online. This new capability makes survey creation a breeze, enabling users to create and customize surveys at scale with minimal effort.

Close the Loop

Close the Loop (enabled through Salesforce integration) is designed to bring the customer’s voice inside the organization. Users get instant alerts on survey feedback (both positive & negative) and can act on it in real-time to ‘close the loop’ faster with their customers, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction. 

Text Analytics

The Text Analytics feature lets users analyze open-end survey responses to surveys in real-time using advanced AI. With this feature, users can perform sentiment analysis as well as topic analysis

Sentiment analysis determines if an expression is positive, negative, or neutral, and to what degree. It also gives you insights into the emotion behind the words to understand the key drivers of customer satisfaction. 

On the other hand, topic analysis breaks down human language so that you can find patterns and unlock semantic structures within texts to extract insights that drive data-driven decisions.

With an existing set of robust features, Voxco ensures a seamless end-to-end solution for more than 500+ enterprises looking to gather feedback, measure sentiment, uncover insights & act on them. It empowers organizations to conduct insightful research, draw actionable insights, and fuel customer experiences.

About Voxco

Voxco, a leading actionable insights platform, helps the world’s top brands make data-driven decisions to drive growth & fuel omnichannel experiences. Using Voxco, organizations can foster loyalty, increase customer lifetime value and enhance risk management which delivers exceptional returns on investment. Over 500+ market research organizations, government & government agencies, universities, and global corporations use Voxco to gather data, measure sentiment, uncover insights and act on them.