Why You Should Be Using Skip Logic to Enhance Respondent Experience skip logic survey

Why You Should Be Using Skip Logic to Enhance Respondent Experience

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As personalization of the consumer experience becomes more prominent in organizations’ marketing and sales strategies, it has become increasingly important for researchers to consider how they personalize the respondent experience.

However, according to a study conducted by Econsultancy in 2018, just 7% of organizations list personalization as their number one priority.  

What does this mean? Treating respondents with a personal touch can set you apart from your competition, increase survey response rates, and feed your bottom line.

Most researchers are aware that incorporating skip logic into their surveys is a great way to personalize the survey experience for the respondent. But, if you have not yet dabbled with this interesting feature, it isn’t too late! Now is the perfect time.

What is skip logic?

Skip logic refers to a feature that modifies the survey question and/or page a respondent is shown, based on their responses to the previous question or a pre-loaded list with variables. It is a custom path for following the survey that is reliant on how the respondent answers the questions.

There are many benefits to using skip logic features in your surveys. Read on to find out more…

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Seamlessly disqualify unrelated respondents

Lead with qualifying survey questions, so that you can quickly see how many possible respondents did not meet the desired criteria and reduce time wasted on all parties’ ends. In fact, if you notice that your disqualifications are high, you can treat your distribution methods with more care so that your surveys are reaching the right audience.

Curate personalized experiences for respondents

Instead of generalizing how you interact with respondents, skip logics allows you to tailor your survey for them on-the-go, so that they are also presented with questions that resonate with them personally as individuals. This means respondents will be more engaged with the questionnaire as it will feel relevant to their experiences.

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Streamline your datasets

Directing respondents to survey questions that are more closely applicable to them will foster honest, direct responses. In addition, posing selected questions to a select group of respondents means reducing the amount of data that has no value to your research. Using skip logic will make managing data analysis cleaner, easier, and more precise.

Explore all the survey question types possible on Voxco

Explore all the survey question types possible on Voxco

Drive survey completion rates

With skip logic, your surveys will become shorter, of course, but also more engaging for the respondent. Overall, this means that there will be less respondents who abandon your survey due to tedium.

In comparison with other survey providers, Voxco Survey Solutions is one of the best platforms for using skip logic in a robust manner, as it has immense power in its capabilities.

In fact, if you so choose, it is possible to consider hundreds of variables (however set-up would be rather complex). It can also be used for conditional random testing of concepts. In essence, surveys using skip logic can be as advanced oras streamlined as you need it to be.

With an ever-increasing need for organizations to gather research on consumers, surveys are a key tool in accessing those insights. Customized user experiences are not going anywhere, and organizations that fail to incorporate that in the applicable areas of their processes may struggle to keep up with competition.