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What is customer 360?

When it comes to data management and data warehousing, many businesses have turned towards a single source of truth approach. It allows you to compile all the data from various resources and integrate it truthfully in one place. This single source of data is accessible to all the cross-functional teams in the organizations. “Right data at right time”.

Customer 360 or customer360 view is a single source of truth approach towards storing and accessing customer information from one place which is trusted to have all the correct and necessary data. Teams like sales, marketing, customer care can access this data from time to time for relevant information they might need to enhance customer experience and business decisions.

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Customer 360 data and data model

You know customer 360 view provides all the customer related data in one place. But how dos the data from and how is it accessed? Lets take a look at it real quick.

Gathering data

A customer is a driving force behind almost all the companies. And there are so many teams that interact with them. A customer data represents the customer demographics, their choices and preferences through buying history, their reviews and issues through interaction with the business.

Let’s say sales team came in with their sales on past half year, marketing team also came up with their best strategies that worked best of the customer attention, customer service team contributed with the customer queries and reviews. All this data, and much more comes from various sources. Here comes the concept of single source of truth. It is nothing but combining all the data from various sources into one single source. Same works with customer 360. You get all the data combined in one place with the trusted version of it which can be freely accessed by the teams within the organization.

Data access

Now that you have your data in one place, it is time to make it accessible to the teams in your organization. To do so, you can provide a complete access to all the team members, or it is always advised to give authorization based access. Meaning only the people who are authorized to access sales data can see it and use it for decisions making. Data access in customer 360 is just as important as the data storage is.

Teams will work in unison and sync only if they are referring the same customer data and making decisions out of it. While working on a project, the conclusions that various teams come to will matter a lot when the ideas need to be combined to form one single ultimate solution for the problem.

Apart from this, the data in customer 360 view is structured. Meaning, it is well organized for better accessibility and maintenance. Data from sales, marketing, customer services are kept apart from each other.

When the data is combined from various data sources, it is proofread by the authorized personnel for its validity and correctness. Only the data that is agreed upon to be the true data is finalized as a single version of truth for customer 360.

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When it comes to managing the data, customer 360 makes it a easy job. When you have one source of customer data, you just have to update one data source, unlike the scenario where you have multiple data sources and you have to go searching for where the error was generated and which data source holds incorrect data.

This way, tracking errors becomes easy and the project development becomes efficient. Ultimately satisfying the customers and stakeholders for better performance.

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