Custom Surveys: How Voxco Can Help You Tailor Your Research


Custom Surveys: How Voxco Can Help You Tailor Your Research Voxco Audience
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Surveys play a crucial role in helping you reach and connect with your audience. It helps you gather data and insights directly from the target market to enable you to listen and understand them. However, not all survey research is the same. Each has a distinct objective, and using standardized surveys may not help you gain the desired outcomes. 

This is where customization becomes a vital functionality. Customizing your surveys allow you to tailor the questions, design, and data collection methods to meet your unique objectives. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of custom surveys and how Voxco’s capabilities can help adapt your research to your goals. We’ll dive into how you can create your own survey and discuss the benefits customization bring to the research. 

What is survey customization?

Survey customization refers to the process of modifying various aspects of a survey so it meets the need of specific research. This involves tailoring the survey design, structure, and content to adapt it to the objective of the research. 

Customization empowers you to collect relevant data, improve participants’ engagement, and enhance the survey experience. Personalizing your surveys helps you align your questions to the intent of data collection. This helps improve response rates, and gather high-quality data. 

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Why should you design custom surveys?

Custom Surveys: How Voxco Can Help You Tailor Your Research Voxco Audience

Customizing surveys can not only help you gather reliable data but also establish trust among participants. Humanizing the survey experience demonstrates that you respect the participants’ effort to provide you with feedback, which can positively impact their trust. 

Here are four reasons why designing custom surveys is important for your research process.  

  • Meet research goals.
  • Enhance data quality.
  • Maximize participation. 
  • Streamline data collection. 

Let’s understand how it can help create a respondent-centric survey experience. 

1. Meet research goals: 

Every survey research has a specific aim. Customizing surveys allows you to ensure that the questions focus on gathering data needed to address the objective. 

It helps researchers target specific demographic or segments of the population and ensure that the gathered data is relevant, representative, and contributes to the goal. 

2. Enhance data quality:

Adding clear and concise questions reduces the chances of confusion or misinterpretation among the survey respondents. 

You can tailor your questionnaire to the respondents’ language or to match their understanding level. 

Incorporating advanced features like skip logic, question randomization, and branching helps you ask targeted questions, thus reducing bias and survey fatigue and increasing response accuracy and quality. 

3. Maximize participation:

You can personalize surveys using variables like respondents’ names or previous survey data. This helps create a more respondent-centric experience, thus making it more interactive. 

You can also offer digital rewards for those who complete the surveys to influence participation. 

Moreover, a robust online survey tool will enable you to add multimedia elements to help you make your survey more inclusive and accessible for a diverse range of population.

4. Streamline data collection: 

Different research requires different data collection methods. Using omnichannel survey software allows you to leverage online surveys, phone (CATI) surveys, and in-person surveys. Customization allows you to choose a suitable method that helps you reach your target population efficiently. 

You can also utilize multilingual capabilities to cater to a wider population and ensure Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in your research. 

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How can Voxco help design custom surveys?

Custom Surveys: How Voxco Can Help You Tailor Your Research Voxco Audience

We’ve explored the importance of custom surveys in the previous section, here, we’ll see how Voxco can help you implement them in your research. 

  • Flexibility in designing surveys. 
  • Personalization capabilities. 
  • Advanced survey logic functionalities. 
  • Multilingual capabilities. 

01. Survey design flexibility: 

Standardized surveys offer limited question types and formats. The questionnaire also lacks visual appeal and doesn’t reflect the brand image. 

Voxco’s online survey tools offer you a wide range of functionalities to overcome these challenges and design custom surveys that resonate with your brand. 

  • With 100+ question types and formats, you can choose the most appropriate question to gather the desired data. 
  • While it’s white-label and CSS customization capability allow you to tailor surveys so it reflects your brand image and creates a visually appealing survey experience. 

Using diverse question types can help you gather in-depth feedback and obtain a comprehensive understanding of the topic. Branded surveys, on the other hand, establishes a professional image and enhance respondents’ engagement leading to higher response rates. 

02. Personalization capabilities:

Generic surveys lack the personal touch. This makes respondents feel like they are just like the other millions and have no significance to the company. Even a common invitation and thank you message shows them that the company doesn’t care much about their experience. It fails to create a positive respondent-centric experience. 

Voxco gives you the ability to personalize every aspect of your survey content by using respondent-specific information. 

  • Names or demographic details tailor the survey message to offer a personalized experience to every participant. 
  • Humanize the survey experience with special greetings and thank you messages

Demonstrate respect and appreciation to the responder for their time and efforts by personalizing the content. This enables you to enhance respondent satisfaction by making them feel valued. As a result, custom surveys influence them to provide accurate data and encourage future participation. 

03. Advanced survey logic:

Traditional surveys are linear in structure, asking the same set of questions to all the respondents irrespective of relevancy. Moreover, fixed question order can lead to biased responses. 

With Voxco’s advanced logic functionalities, you can minimize bias in your survey and gather reliable and relevant data. 

  • Use skip logic and routing to create an intricate flow of questions based on various conditions. 
  • Enable question order randomization to ensure that the questions appear in a different sequence for each participant. 
  • Leverage quota management capabilities to ensure that the data collected represents the population accurately. 

Designing custom surveys using smart flow can help you reduce bias, enhance the accuracy of data collection, and improve survey efficiency and experience. It can also lead to gathering data that accurately represents the true opinions and experiences of the participants. 

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04. Multilingual capabilities:

When conducting international market research, catering to diverse language preferences and cultures is a challenge that many researchers fail to overcome. While the language barrier hinders survey participation, cultural sensitivity can lead to misunderstandings. 

Voxco offers you the capability of automated survey translation that enables you to translate questions and messages into 100+ languages. 

Moreover, the survey design tool also allows you to use multimedia questions. Using images can reduce misinterpretation because people decipher visual cues more consistently than language nuances. This can also improve attention and engagement. 

Survey translation can facilitate participation by removing the language barrier and enabling you to gather feedback from respondents of diverse backgrounds. It will also demonstrate your respect towards diverse cultures and promote trust and engagement among the audience. 

8 Best practices to design a custom survey

Designing surveys demands careful planning and implementation to ensure a reliable data collection process. Let’s look at some best practices you should consider when customizing your surveys. 

A. Write clear and concise questions: 

  1. Keep your survey questions aligned with the research objectives. 
  2. Avoid using jargon, complex, or leading language. 
  3. Leverage diverse question types to increase participants’ attention on the survey. 
  4. Use clear instructions to ensure respondents understand the question. 
  5. Leverage skip logic or randomization to reduce bias. 

B. Test the survey:

  1. Soft launch or conduct a test for your survey before launching it. 
  2. Test the survey on various devices and through various channels to ensure compatibility and responsiveness. 
  3. Gather feedback on any errors or discrepancies in the survey during the pilot test. 


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With surveys as a popular research solution, customization is the key to obtaining accurate and meaningful insights. Tailoring your survey allows you to align it with the research objective, maximize respondents’ engagement, and enhance data quality. 

Voxco serves as a flexible, powerful, and robust tool empowering you to design a custom survey or create your own survey to meet unique goals. We have discussed Voxco’s customization functionalities that can elevate your survey endeavors and help you unlock accurate and insightful data. 


  1. How can you customize a survey?

Create custom surveys by designing various elements of your survey, such as themes, color schemes, font styles, etc. You can also personalize the invitation message, instructions, and thank you notes to humanize the survey experience. By using skip logic and routing, you can also personalize the survey and ask questions relevant to the participant’s experience. 

  1. What is survey branding?

Incorporating the brand elements such as logo, brand color, and font style into your survey design is known as survey branding. 

  1. What customization practices can improve the data quality?

Here are a few practices to create custom surveys that can help you improve the data quality: 

  • Use visual cues, such as progress indicators, to help participants navigate through your survey. 
  • Ensure the survey design is consistent with your brand to establish familiarity and trust with the respondents. 
  • Personalize welcome and thank you messages to deliver a positive survey experience. 
  1. Can customization influence survey completion rate?

Customizing your surveys can help you improve your survey completion rate. By designing a visually appealing and engaging survey, you can motivate survey participation. Moreover, tailoring the survey flow and only asking relevant questions can also influence respondents to share reliable feedback.  

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