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What is a Cloud Dialer?

A cloud-based predictive dialer is a type of dialer software used in contact centers to automatically dial out a set of contacts automatically to reach out to a larger customer base. Cloud dialers allow contact centers to set call greetings, ask customers for IVR input, and have many other capabilities too. 

Additionally, these dialers filter busy tones, voicemail, unanswered calls, disconnected calls, and answering machines, and connect calls to agents only when a human connection is made. With cloud dialers, calls are routed to agents who are best equipped to address the customer’s concern, improving customer experience and increasing FCR (first contact resolution) within the contact center.

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Advantages of using a Cloud Dialer

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Improved customer satisfaction 1
Monitor incidents in Real time
Compliance with regulations 2
Monitor incidents in Real time
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Why choose Voxco Dialer for your Cloud Dialer needs?

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FAQs on Cloud Dialers

Answer: Cloud dialers use specific algorithms to forecast agent availability and average call answer time. Using this information, the dialer forecasts when the next call should be made, as well as how many numbers should be dialed. The dialer only displays caller information when the call is connected to the agent. The cloud dialer call ratio can also be changed manually as per demand or depending on the number of agents logged in at a specific time.

Answer: Cloud dialers are made for high volume outbound calls, and are often used in telemarketing and collection operations. However, these dialers are beneficial to all contact centers with high call volumes as it can automate manual dialing processes and reduce operational costs.

Answer: Predictive dialers use algorithms that predict agent availability and average handle time, and make calls automatically based on this information. Progressive dialers, on the other hand, only initiate outbound calls after the agent indicates that they are ready to handle the next call.

Answer: When a caller is connected to an agent, a popup is displayed on the agent’s screen including customer information such as name and number, and a space that can be used to add notes about the customer. This information will be stored and will be available to agents in subsequent calls with that customer.