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Automated phone surveys help organizations enhance the customer experience and promote development. They are an important part of continuous improvement projects because they provide vital feedback that managers can use to benchmark business performance over time.

They are a low-cost, scalable method of gathering customer feedback with an above-average response rate. A good one will have a 50% -60% interaction rate.

Now we would learn about what exactly phone surveys are.

What is a Phone Survey?

A phone survey, often known as CATI or computer-assisted telephonic interview, is a research method in which the researcher conducts phone interviews with respondents. In contrast to email surveys, researchers collect data by conducting phone conversations and punching the replies personally. 

A CATI is identical to a paper survey, except that the researcher enters the collected replies into a computer survey link. The researcher cannot change or amend the study questions and must adhere to a strict script for the phone survey.

Examples of Automated Phone System Surveys

Here are some of the examples where you can use phone surveys;

1. Robo-Polling

The use of automated phone surveys in polling during political campaigns is popular, and it is sometimes referred to as Robo-polling. It is a low-cost and rapid method of data generation, however, it has been criticized for this.

2. Government and administration

It helps in investigating the government’s efficiency and accomplishments.

3. Feedback from the conference

Provide a dial-in number and invite attendees to ring in after a conference session to provide feedback. Allow everyone to participate, and do away with paper forms and laborious tabulation.

Steps to make Automated Phone Surveys

Step 1: Request the phone survey extension to be activated.

Enable your caller ID when you apply to have your Phone Survey capability activated.

Step 2: Write out the questions and upload or record soundtracks for each question in the survey.

Before you may add sound recordings, you must first create a text version of the survey. Make the selections 1 to 5 using the “multiple choice question” question type. 

This allows the survey tool to simply examine the findings. By clicking on “Include file” and then “Phone Surveys,” you may submit your soundtracks for each question. If you don’t have any recorded files, you can record it live with the survey tool’s microphone.

Step 3: Make your survey a private survey.

Publish the survey as a private online survey and test it with your test user using the “Phone Survey” option. Your mobile phone within 2 minutes of sending the phone survey, your phone will ring.

Step 4: Enable the Voxco API.

Go to Options -> Advanced settings and turn on the Voxco  API. Take down the information and go on to the next stage.

Step 5: Create a cron job if desired.

There are several methods for sending phone survey inquiries. If you don’t want to utilize it manually within another PHP code, you may schedule it as a crontab task to run every minute.

Benefits of using Automated Phone Surveys

How to make automated phone surveys? CATI Software

There are several benefits of using automated phone surveys. According to studies, automated surveys are more accurate than surveys performed by human operators. Among these benefits are the following:

  1. Surveys are less costly – when performed utilizing automated survey technologies. There is no need for a real hand or headsets, and once built, a survey is completed by a computerized phone system with no labor necessary.
  2. Surveys may be handled more frequently – because automated phone surveys are conducted by technology rather than humans, a bigger sample group can be polled all at once. The number of simultaneous surveys is simply limited by phone resources, not surveyors.
  3. Consistent questions – in automated phone surveys, questions are captured and given to each responder in the same and consistent manner.
  4. Removes surveyor bias – some surveys are unreliable because the surveyor asks biased or leading questions. Even whether the question is asked by a man or a woman might influence the bias of the response. Automatic surveys can display survey question alternatives in a random sequence, ensuring that each conceivable response is shown in an impartial order.
  5. Respondents are more honest – Studies have shown that when answering to a computer rather than a human, respondents are more inclined to answer questions honestly.


Automated phone surveys are quite beneficial in that you receive a call, clearly listen to all questions, and react appropriately without any extra disagreements or delays. Closed-end questions and answers are usually beneficial to analyze data for further actions and decision-making.

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