How ReconMR raised productivity by 40 % & scaled to 5 call centers with Voxco

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ReconMR is a data collection research firm with a proven track record of delivering high quality market research data collection and analytic services. Since the 1960s, ReconMR has conducted thousands of research projects for a wide range of clients, including state and municipal entities, universities, media outlets, political pollsters, public policy scientists, retail corporations, high tech companies, and more.

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ReconMR had to manage the opening of a new call center, which can be a big expense not only in cost, but also in terms of time, effort, and resources.

Prior to working with Voxco, ReconMR also had trouble splitting projects, quotas, and sample and keeping everything thing organized across its call centers.


With Voxco, ReconMR has been able to build up its enterprise with 5 distributed call centers sharing single data collection platforms and telephony systems.

Voxco’s software also provides ReconMR with a robust IT infrastructure that allows it to smoothly perform a wide range and number of studies of varying complexity.


Thanks to the Voxco platform, ReconMR has been able to successfully grow its business while improving its productivity and efficiency. The company was able to open its San Antonio and Corpus Christi call centers within a week of signing the building leases. From 2018 to 2020, ReconMR has also been able to increase its production hours in its call centers by 40%. 

In addition, ReconMR now has the capacity to increase its offerings through partnerships – whether it’s using VPN to partner with other call center firms to expand resources, using its enterprise licensing to extend its partnerships to include companies not currently using the Voxco platform, or offering multi-modal capabilities to its clients.