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A training survey is just as essential as conducting proper training, so you must pay close attention to detail and take extra precautions to do it correctly. It is pretty simple to create once you grasp the basics and can modify it to the demands of the training scenario.

In this article, we will learn about training surveys and how they benefit your organization with some examples. Let’s get started.

What are training surveys?

Training surveys are one of the easiest and least expensive techniques to ascertain if the circumstances favor trainees.

It is a mechanism for gathering information on a training session from trainees. It is, in other words, the process of collecting qualitative and quantitative data and feedback from the onboarding employees to enhance the structure and procedures of a certain training program.

Training Surveys Training Surveys

When you invest in employee training, they become a more valued asset. This is because training your staff offers them a stronger feeling of self-worth, which results in higher productivity, a decreased need for continual supervision, and lower employee turnover.

Training surveys provide several advantages. The survey can help quantify the training’s return on investment, summarize training outcomes, and observe things from the participants’ perspectives, in addition to functioning as a reliable knowledge assessment.

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5 Examples of training survey questions

1. How much new knowledge did you gain?

Employees will only benefit from training if they learn new things. A training whose content employees already know is worthless.

2. Was the course material as expected?

Keeping your promises is a key motivator of employee loyalty. Employees will be satisfied if the training provides them with the tools they need to execute their job or advance in their position.

3. Would you suggest this training session to a friend or coworker?

This basic question can help you determine the participants’ general attitude regarding your training. Participants often endorse training when they are happy and have had excellent experiences.

4. How engaged was your trainer?

Employees are more inclined to retain knowledge presented by an engaged trainer and revisit for more training if they like it.

5. Were the training objectives outlined clearly?

You should always explain the training objectives clearly since this allows for post-training accountability and assessment.

When should you conduct training surveys?

There are 3 phases in training, and you can conduct surveys during each phase. Let’s explore them.

1. Pre-training survey

A pre-training survey allows you to acquire essential information that will assist you in directing the training session. It also enables you to personalize the training activity to the requirements of the participants, resulting in increased value for all participants.

2. During training survey

A survey conducted during training is an excellent assessment of learners’ experience and expectations. It elicits feedback on your course’s content, structure, and execution. It assists you in measuring knowledge, identifying gray areas that require explanation, and generally improving the training process.

3. Post-training survey

A post-training survey addresses five main components: effectiveness, retention, attractiveness, involvement, and suggestions. It isn’t easy to assess how effectively participants got your training and if the training modules provided adequate value for the participants without a post-training survey.

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Benefits of training surveys

Training is imperative in the workplace since it increases employee knowledge, engagement, and productivity, leading to greater staff retention rates.

Some of the benefits of training surveys are

1. Aids in the clarification of the training plan

A survey will provide data that will clearly show what the training programs should address. It is one thing to guess what your employees require; it is quite another to see the facts in real data. This can also assist individuals in charge of staff development in making a data-backed case to upper management for training program spending.

2. Demonstrates the employees that you value their feedback

A training employee survey is an excellent approach to demonstrate your organization’s dedication to including your employees in developing your company’s training programs. These surveys show that you value their feedback and regard it as critical to company growth and progress.

3. Assess the efficacy of training

Surveys provide insight into the trainer or facilitator and the overall training process. As it reaches individuals at their level of work, it is simpler to grasp the training’s flaws and the modifications that must be made to the training technique.

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Training surveys are an essential component of any training program. Gathering feedback from pre- and post-training participants allows you to assess the efficacy of your sessions and discover areas for improvement.

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