Why focusing on Virtual Care is the need of the hour? virtual care

Why focusing on Virtual Care is the need of the hour?

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In this digitally driven world, keeping patients happy and satisfied is the ultimate goal for every healthcare organization. This has led to a massive acceleration in the use of telehealth and virtual care. As the number of US customers using telehealth rose from 11% in 2019 to 46% in 2020, the adoption of virtual care has skyrocketed during the pandemic and paved the way for replacing canceled healthcare visits. According to a report by Deloitte, 50% of healthcare executives believe a quarter of outpatient care, long-term care, and all the well-being services would shift to virtual delivery by 2040. This indicates that virtual care is likely to reshape the healthcare landscape by the next two decades. Let’s dive deeper into the significance of virtual care and how healthcare providers can make the most of it: 

What is virtual care and why it matters?

Virtual care refers to the “virtual appointments” that occur between patients and their clinicians through the use of communications technology. The idea of virtual care is to deliver an exceptional healthcare service that elevates the patients’ experience by making it more convenient, streamlined, and attuned to their specific needs. In other words, virtual care is the delivery of high-quality & convenient healthcare services by the means of digital technology. The services included in virtual care can range from online patient meetings and consultations with healthcare specialists to check-ins and status reports related to medical information. As 36% of US consumers are likely to switch their physicians for gaining access to virtual care, here’s why healthcare providers need to focus on embracing virtual care: 

Importance of Virtual Care
  • Improved access to care: Virtual care is an ideal option for catering to patients located in remote or rural areas. It can prove to be a lifesaving opportunity for people having a scarcity of well-qualified healthcare providers near their location.
  • Increased Convenience: During routine doctor visits, patients have to travel to their clinics, sit in their waiting room, or have to go through multiple miscellaneous tasks that waste their precious time. By helping patients save their time for other necessary tasks, virtual care helps to add convenience.
  • Improved quality of patient care: By ensuring a top-notch quality of patient care, virtual care plays a pivotal role in solidifying patient-physician relationships. It also enables healthcare providers to manage and monitor chronic health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, etc.
  • Decreased healthcare costs: With efficient treatment of chronic diseases, minimal travel times, and shorter hospital stays, virtual care is considered to be cost-effective for both patients and healthcare providers.
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Want to become a member focused Healthplan?

Learn why should you focus on member experience and determine the ways of becoming member experience-centric!

Actions providers can consider for improving value through virtual care

  • Employing an insightful approach to onboarding

    The onboarding approach is usually short-sighted which mainly focuses on getting members signed up and mailing their enrollment materials like ID cards. By adopting a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to onboarding, you can establish your organization as a concerned partner in your member’s virtual care. But the question is how to do that?
    Once you’ve mailed the membership packages, it’s time to concentrate on relationship building with your members. Start by welcoming your members and appreciating them for choosing your organization. Always confirm if they’ve received the required identification cards and their plan has a primary care physician on record. Don’t forget to check if the members are aware of their service phone number and answer all questions they have to ensure a best-in-class experience.


  • Engaging members seamlessly at strategic touchpoints

    Businesses across various industries know the importance of nurturing their members during those “in-between moments” and how it plays a key role in increasing member retention and loyalty. Leveraging CAHPS surveys help to keep member engagement levels high and lead to better health outcomes. As engaged patients are more sensible and can effectively manage their care, there’s a low risk of them needing expensive urgent care. Surveying members at crucial touchpoints across their journey is a great way of educating them on how to manage their care. This helps to ensure if members are getting all the necessary virtual healthcare advice that they need to stay fit!
  • Staying proactive with members’ feedback

    It is imperative to gather feedback from your members after every interaction in order to demonstrate that you’re helping. You need to log discreet and detailed follow-ups that exhibit plan support after soliciting input from the members on the issues they’re facing. This would need detailed analytics, best-in-class technology, and reporting for ensuring optimum results. 
  • Communicating consistently across multiple channels

    Being integral to the members’ emotional experience and the quality of virtual care delivered, effective communication plays a key role in cultivating the patient and doctor relationship. As only
    37% of members received information regarding COVID-19 by May 2020, there are gaps in communication among the health plans and members. Considering the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, it has become essential to update members about their coverage options. By reaching out to consumers through the channel they prefer, you can significantly improve their experience. Be it a physical mail, an email, or a text update, you need to ensure effective communication across every channel. Voxco offers omnichannel solutions that empower healthcare agencies to reach out to their members with a degree of success.
  • Preparing your workforce

    Your workforce plays a crucial role in the overall member experience and should have adequate training to overcome barriers related to virtual care. As the virtual interactions take place more often between physicians and patients, your team should be self-sufficient to make decisions whenever required!

How Voxco can help you make the most of your virtual care?

  • Gain feedback in real-time using best-in-class healthcare surveys

    As 81% of members are not satisfied with their healthcare experience, it’s important for healthcare providers to gather feedback at every touchpoint and go beyond mandated annual & bi-annual surveys to provide quality virtual care. Voxco’s robust survey platform empowers you to gather consumer feedback in real-time. So, every time a member uses some medical service or interacts with your organization, an immediate survey can be triggered to reach the member along with their claim.
  • Leverage Voxco Analytics for actionable insights

    Want to keep your members healthy? Do you need to uncover trends related to patient health and virtual care delivery? Well, a robust set of analytics is all you need! With
    Voxco Analytics, healthcare providers can unlock actionable insights into the key drivers behind member satisfaction levels as well as the adoption of virtual care services. It enables healthcare organizations to identify patient issues that they may not see otherwise. 
  • Foster a member-centric culture using interactive dashboards

    Voxco offers centralized dashboards that empower healthcare providers to get a single unified view of all the member data that stays in one place. With an effective distribution of data and insights, our interactive dashboards help you mobilize your entire workforce for improving the overall virtual care experience.
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Sahaj Sharma

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