Getting meaningful returns from Employee Experience programs beyond 2020

The global economy is undergoing a forced recession, and it has thrown into chaos traditional working environments as well employee experience programs. However, this turmoil can be just the breather companies need to evaluate their Employee Experience (EX) programs, and adapt to ensure it brings in meaningful returns. 

In a Gallup study released at the end of May, the percentage of employees who are ‘actively disengaged’ was at a 10-year low and the ratio of highly-engaged to disengaged employees was at an all-time high.

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of respondents surveyed ranked transforming the culture as the top challenge to building EX

Pandemics and social distancing will end, and it will be a challenge to create a working environment in which your top talent is happy and secure. Decision makers in most companies will have to try and ensure that their EX programs improve employee engagement, and help optimize employee performance management as well.

View Employee Experience through an employee's lens

You may think you’ve got the perfect EX program figured out, but reality could tell a completely different story once implemented. Companies can add benefits, but they need to approach their efforts as if they were an average employee. One needs to gauge how employees feel about different aspects of your Employee experience program. 

They can do that by conducting employee satisfaction/pulse surveys to gain actionable insights about employee sentiment at multiple touchpoints along the employee journey. 

Focus on a long term view

It’s unrealistic to expect a complete EX transformation in a short time frame. One can mistake positive developments early on as your end goal being achieved, but it’s important not to lose track. 

To improve the employee experience at your organization in a meaningful way, you need to have a long term goal set in stone. Employee survey platforms can give employees the ability to gauge their behavior by letting them compare it to that of their team.

Insights gleaned from such processes can help build a more cohesive work environment but allow your employees to see what they need to fix to achieve their career goals. With this, both your organization and your employees can work towards meeting their long term goals in a synergistic manner. 

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Investing in EX programs is good, shaping employees to these programs is better

Companies can have the best of intentions, but things can still go poorly on occasion. It can be natural for decision makers to want to over correct in such scenarios, but that may not have the positive effect you desire. Issues that may seem critical at one moment may seem to be somewhat trivial when looked at in hindsight.

Which is why it’s important to shape employee experiences, with an eye on both positive and negative incidents. 

Much like customer experience, companies need to stick to a long term vision for their EX. You may acknowledge, but not necessarily act upon positive or negative ‘blips’ along the way. It’s important to reinforce positive moments that occur in your employee experience journey.

You can do this by using employee survey platforms to teach your staff about your EX initiatives – this can also help you uncover insights into how well these measures have been received by the intended audience. 

By shaping employee experiences, companies have shown to have satisfied 32% more employees than their counterparts have, at a lower cost (32%).

Shaping employee experiences can help reduce churn as well as empower your employees to perform at a higher level – which in turn enables you to meet customer goals in the best manner possible.

The work from home employee experience has to be more than an afterthought

Work from home is a reality for every business possible at least until 2020 is over, and probably until Q2 2021 in most countries. Although the traditional office working environment won’t be going away any time soon, there’s little doubt that working from home suits many businesses. 

However, employee experience programs in such scenarios seem like an afterthought in many companies, because that’s precisely what they are. That can’t continue – especially if you intend to retain your top talent. The at-home employee experience can soon become a major differentiator for talent when choosing between job offers.

Conducting Employee engagement surveys from time to time can help you identify problem areas for your workforce and help quickly rectify them. The insights you uncover can be used as a basis for building future WFH employee experience programs.

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