Emicity Research consultant case study

Research Consultancy Emicity’s Drives Productivity & Stays Competitive With Voxco

The Client

Emicity is a research consultancy based in the US with a broad range of North American clients. From across many different sectors, including goods, services, non-profits, B2B, and more, their expertise is mainly rooted in informing brand positioning decisions and insights-driven product development recommendations.

Formerly known as “Consumer Insights, Inc.”, Emicity launched in 1995 as a pioneer in the market research space. Under that name, they built a broad roster of clients almost entirely by referrals from satisfied customers. And every new vertical they enter has even further enriched their research methods.

The Challenge

Having been a customer of at least four separate survey software solutions, Emicity’s team was disturbed with inconsistencies in product offerings and blatant errors in logic programming. While look and feel is important to their work, the true essence of their research methodologies relies on sophisticated logic jumps.

“We didn’t want to compromise on our methodological capabilities. We needed a solution that helped up build tactile surveys that consumers would engage with – while controlling for bias and other kinds of research errors.”
– Karl Schmidt, President.

Another issue that Emicity had with other solutions was their pricing. They found that the price point would climb with little notice, which could threaten the strength of Emicity’s business model as a full service, end-to-end research consultancy.

Unsatisfied with the informal workarounds for their methodologies and sky-rocketing pricing, Emicity implemented a new tool across their operations – Voxco’s Online Survey Software.


The Solution

In Voxco, Emicity found a tool that could meet them where they were and where they wanted to go!

They are empowered by Voxco’s full stack of logic capabilities and can build robust surveys, without missing out on quality or complexity. Their surveys can get incredibly complex if the clients’ studies require it – like in the event that advanced segmentation is needed.

“In fact, we’ve found that we have even been able to save time overall, because Voxco’s Online tool is really built for what we need it to do!

In essence, we write the survey and then make the software do what we need it to do! Voxco’s competitive pricing has allowed us to offer our clients full-service project solutions for the same cost they were paying to other survey software companies just for the software–for surveys they then had to write, program, field and analyze themselves.

Those kinds of shifts have been a win-win.

They reinforce our value as a partner to our clients and free up those client-side researchers to spend more time as a strategic consultant to their own internal teams and less time stuck at their desk executing actual surveys.“

Karl Schmidt, President

Voxco’s tools are made for and by research professionals, so all the features are there to help research firms succeed and conduct intricate studies, gleaning rich data. In addition, the tools are priced fairly for research budgets – allowing researchers to provide sophisticated solutions and remain relevant in a space that is becoming increasingly competitive.

Complex Logic & Robust Insights: No Compromises, No Workarounds

Emicity has been able to maintain and even increase, in some cases, their level of productivity.

On another note, Voxco’s customer support has proven to be really responsive. As the work that Emicity does is quite complex, they sometimes have tricky questions for the team, but they are always prompt to respond and work towards a solution if need be.

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