CX marks the spot – Advancements in the Insurance Sector

It can be argued that the insurance industry more than most needs to maintain a positive image with their customers.

Considering that many, if not all, insurance claims are made during a time of emotional duress, it may not be possible for customers to have a positive experience with their insurer.

However, that doesn’t mean that an insurance organization should not do everything possible to ensure a holistic customer experience.

Digitization has played a major role in helping several industries modernize, and the insurance sector is no different. Today’s insurance industries have been established on the back of a multitude of tools – each dedicated to assisting different aspects of the organization.

Security, data collection, finance, and accounting – these are all critical attributes for any organization. They are also attributes which are “visible”, so to speak.

Customer experience, on the other hand, is a far tougher nut to crack. Its results are not as tangible and do not have an immediate impact on the organization. So, how can the insurance industry ascertain their customer experience is on point?

Promote knowledge transfer

As the insurance industry continues to innovate and adapt with the times, keeping your employees, your target audience, as well as existing customers aware of your updated offerings, social initiatives, organizational changes, etc. can make the customer feel involved.

Knowledge transfer within your organization is guaranteed to develop employees who are fully aware of your services and are more likely to ensure a better experience for your customers.

Improve business with existing customers

Retaining existing customers is a major challenge for the insurance industry, as people often tend to change their insurance provider after their policy expires.
How do you combat this? How do you retain customers who are simply looking for the best deal possible – one which you may not always be in a position to give?
A handy way to accomplish this can be via surveying your customers regularly and gaining actionable insights from the same.Today’s online survey software can allow insurers to set up comprehensive surveys without fatiguing the customer. If customers feel like their voice is being heard, they are far more likely to continue with your services.

Prioritize customer needs with data

A data driven CX approach can provide your organization with the tools required to dispense the services your customers need most, especially during natural disasters.
Being a helpful presence under such testing circumstances and providing customers with the services they require that may not strictly be insurance related will essentially earn you ‘customers for life’.

Data gleaned from a potential customer base is sure to deliver insights on what they need and if you are in a position to provide the same.

Keep your employees engaged

Despite what the name may imply, customers are not the only factor when it comes to Customer Experience. Employees play a huge role when it comes to CX and surveying them for data can reveal flaws intrinsic to your organization which can then be dealt with.
It is also a huge morale boost for employees to see that their voice is being heard and that organizational changes can take place at their behest.

Empower your employees with data

You can provide your employees with insights gained about potential or existing customers and empower them to make better, more effective decisions. This goes a long way in improving the overall quality of your service and can be noticed by your existing customers. Employees who are knowledgeable and empowered are also likely to make customers of people who are still in the phase where they’re considering your services.

With better data, comes better CX

With the help of modern survey tools, this insurance industry can gain insights into a myriad of focal points – customer feedback, satisfaction with the claims process, internal employee satisfaction, agent evaluation and much more. Today’s highly networked era allows for mobile and web surveys as well. With such comprehensive survey platforms on their side Insurers can make more targeted decisions, and be in complete control of their Customer Experience. 

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