Brain Research

Cet important Institut d'étude de marché augmente la productivité des enquêteurs grâce à Voxco Mobile Offline.

The Client

Brain Research is one of the largest independent full-service market research agencies in Latin America. Brain actively manages urban consumer-intercept projects for many of the region’s largest consumer-goods firms, including Coca-Cola and Unilever. But their previous in-person interviewing software provider was unable to keep up with Brain’s heavy usage requirements and project complexity.

The Challenge

Brain’s team programs new surveys every day. They field face-to-face offline surveys via a fluctuating team of up to 300 interviewers each month. In this hectic environment, it is crucial to efficiently program engaging surveys, ensure interviewer quotas are met, and quickly synchronize completed survey data.

Before 2014, Brain used a CAPI software with three major issues that crippled their project efficiency:

1. Some advanced programming feature sets were missing. The Brain team often managed 50-question brand awareness surveys and needed to keep surveys as engaging as possible for respondents.

2. Technical support and scripting assistance were very slow, often taking up to a week. Support was not offered in Spanish.

3. Synchronization times were abnormally long (up to 48 hours), delayed based on the software provider’s other clients queued up to sync at the same time.

Brain was desperate for an offline face-to-face interviewing solution that could more fluidly handle more complex survey projects simultaneously.

The Solution

Brain first used Voxco Mobile Offline in February 2014. Their project management was instantly improved:

  • Project managers could easily program and assign efficient questionnaires using Voxco Mobile Offline’s advanced survey design interface. They could finally use advanced feature sets (eg. rosters) that they previously lacked.
  • The global Voxco support team was always on-hand to answer technical questions. Voxco helped Brain overcome roadblocks and achieve their desired scripting goals.
  • Synchronization times were unlimited. When interviewers returned from offline fieldwork and synced their devices, the project managers were able to immediately begin reviewing the data.

The Results

Brain has since adopted Voxco Mobile Offline as their sole tablet interviewing software. The efficiency gains have been tremendous: programming, interviewing, syncing, and reporting times have improved project productivity by over 60%.

Brain is continually growing. Recently, Brain has been regularly winning competitive pitches in the region including projects involving thousands of in-person interviews on many devices. Brain is always able to confidently accept the work, knowing that Voxco Mobile Offline is up to the task.

Brain are quickly positioning themselves as experts in face-to-face data collection of an urban population. This is thanks in part to the seamless projects they run using Voxco Mobile Offline.

“60% of the CAPI software we have tried is overly simple. But Voxco Mobile Offline helps us efficiently manage multiple projects and interviewers simultaneously. The platform extends our ability to productively manage our busy intercept survey projects, and the confidence to support major new clients.

Laura Ruvalcaba, President & CEO
Brain Research

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