Why VoC should be at the core of your CX strategy

Listening to the Voice of the Customer (VoC), is rapidly becoming essential to ensuring a fruitful Customer Experience (CX) program. Online survey software can help you get an accurate idea about your customers’ expectations, wants and needs when it comes to product & service offerings.

or a business to create a successful customer voice program, they need to gather customer insights via as many sources as possible. Why is this important? Well the goal with VoC programs is to have your customers feel that they have a voice within your organization.

Oracle conducted a study in which it was found that a large percentage of consumers were pleased when a business responded to a customer’s negative comment.

So how can you go about getting the right data to assess the Voice of the Customer?

Web Surveys

Companies today have the option to use online survey tools to gather data from a large group of people across demographics, with different requirements and expectations.
However, if you simply create surveys and deploy them randomly, you can’t be sure how useful the gathered data will be. You’ll get a lot of data to work with, but if you want intelligent, actionable insights, then you need to be strategic about deploying your surveys.

Then there’s the types of surveys you can deploy online – NPS, CSAT, CES etc. each have their own strengths and can get you valuable direct feedback. (You can read more about these metrics here!)

Voice Surveys

A few online survey software platforms also have voice survey functionalities (CATI Surveys) which can open a window into what the customer is really thinking. Experienced researchers can adapt and modify surveys on the fly, gleaning better insights in the process. 

Live/In-person Interviews!

Sometimes there’s no substitute for good old fashioned talking to people to know them, their expectations and concerns. Focus groups and in- field surveys can help you get valuable insights and do some valuable brand building in the process as well. 

But why is this so important? Why should businesses opt for crafting a personalized Voice of the Customer program?

Better Marketing

Backed by the right data, businesses can use customer voice to craft unique campaigns that are better targeted to their consumers. Campaigns that make propositions that customers actually care about instead of fishing in the dark and hoping for a catch. For example, an Online survey software would be particularly useful in providing

Better Sales

Companies can arm their sales representatives with VoC insights acquired through online survey software. Having the right info handy can help sales reps identify potential customers quickly and win them over with the right selling points.

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