Why Switching CATI Software Is Easier Than You Think

There are thousands of survey call centers that are stuck working with antiquated and unintuitive phone survey software.

The reality for these companies is that their success relies heavily on the productivity of their CATI solution, so ensuring that the software they are using goes above and beyond in terms of performance is integral.

Outdated CATI software leads to frustration among survey designers and interviewers, which hurts overall productivity – in below-average talk times and ineffective dialer systems.

In essence, inadequate software hurts the bottom line of these call centers.

Ineffective software hurts organizations, but why are they reluctant to switch?

In a few words: switching is expected to be a huge commitment, and that scares organizations off from making the changes they should be doing to improve productivity and sales.

How can we avoid these pains in order to get the systems your organization needs to succeed?

Here are some tips from the Voxco transition services team for easing the switching process, and how we minimize pain and maximize benefits.

What about downtime?

It is understandably difficult for phone survey organizations to commit to periods of inactivity while software and hardware is being installed, databases are transferred over, and staff gets the training they need. Voxco’s team works during the businesses off hours and in batches to install our CATI & Dialer systems.

This ensures that as many interviewers as possible can continue to work, and that the gains of productivity from using more optimized phone survey software can quickly outweigh the small, short bursts of downtime. 

And data integrity?

We understand how essential it is to keep stored data secure during the switching process. Of course, there is the assumption that transferring the data over is time consuming and high risk. This is an incredibly valid worry, as respondents and response databases are the bread and butter of the organization.

This is a common concern, and our seasoned team is equipped to handle it! We maintain the highest standard of security levels through the data transfer process and work with your organization to understand your exact needs during the process.

Will I lose my existing surveys?

Data is one part of the equation here, but the reality is that the phone surveys have been particularly crafted and need to be preserved as well – active surveys, past surveys, and the surveys in development. Managers may rightfully worry about the effort required to copy survey projects from one platform to the other.

Our team offers transition services to move surveys and data over smoothly. We know that each organization can have a different situation, so our transition solutions can be tailor-made based on the organization’s specific needs.

Will Voxco CATI be difficult to learn?

Step one: the software and hardware installation has been handled by the experts! Now what about the day-to-day users of the CATI solution? The interviewers need to know how the platform works so that the transition is seamless, and that productivity does not take a hit during this time. 

Voxco’s training team has you covered. Our training caters to your existing expertise: it can be customized to the software you used in the past, and your overall level of knowledge with phone survey management.  

What kind of ongoing support is there?

We know that there are a ton of CATI software providers in the industry with unreachable support teams. New clients always want to be assured: is there a support team equipped to handle our needs?  

We serve our clients on a very personal, tailor-made level. Our follow-the-sun support team is reachable at almost any time, when you need them the most.

Switching telephony systems is often a necessary yet worrying process for survey call centers. We know that these worries come from a place of wanting to protect the businesses productivity and profitability.

The Voxco transition services team has these worries in mind when working with you. Everything we do is designed to reduce pain points of our clients, by customizing the transition process to each organization’s specific needs.

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