Market Research Mistakes to Avoid

Market Research helps you glean insights that can direct your future strategies in a more informed manner. It’s indispensable today, as technology has empowered consumers, which in turn has introduced more factors for researchers to consider.

The key to successfully getting results using market research survey software is planning and strategy. It should be methodical, organized and unbiased. However, market research can take place during periods of change, allowing mistakes to creep in where they shouldn’t

So what should you keep in mind when crafting and acting on your research strategy?

Are your surveys the right length?

I get that it’s nice to glean as many insights as you can in one go. However, you need to be careful about just how many questions you can ask your respondents, or risk having a higher drop off rate. 

This also pushes up the cost of the project, with you having to recruit more respondents by any means possible. 

Avoid last minute changes to logic

It’s not feasible to completely avoid last minute changes, but one usually doesn’t have the time to properly test their effect on preceding logic. This can break your survey logic under certain conditions and cause unexpected problems during the execution phase. 

However, there are a few market research survey software’s which are capable of implementing last minute changes even while the survey is being conducted without breaking the survey logic. 

Are the results easy to decipher?

Market Research survey software will fetch you a lot of data, but you need to be certain about just how much of that information needs to be on display.

Your insights need to be succinct, and specific about what they relate to.

Then there’s the visual factor – It’s important to pepper your reports with data, but you need to be judicious with its usage so that it remains legible for all parties involved

Don’t let bias get in the way

Everyone has a bias – it’s only human, after all. However, as a researcher, you need to be aware of your bias to make sure it doesn’t become a factor in your surveys.

Then, there’s the results. It’s natural to have certain expectations from data generated by a market research survey software, but the key is to be impartial and try not to use the findings in a way that suits your narrative.

Be open to more research options

Sure, you probably know what works for you best, but it’s always a good idea to open up your survey parameters. Researchers are quite aware about just how volatile the market can be, and today’s multichannel survey software can be extremely effective in targeting a large sample size via several avenues (web surveys, telephone-based, in-person etc.)

Is your sample size large enough?

A large sample size no doubt costs more, but the benefits are also greater. You get access to a less homogenous group of respondents and are likely to get better, more relevant insights. 

Having a diverse demographic take part in your survey can also provide you with insights that can help you plan ahead, and can be an effective driver for future growth. 

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