Employee Satisfaction Survey employee satisfaction survey

Employee Satisfaction Survey

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The Department of Human Resource Development uses the employee satisfaction survey to understand how satisfied the employees of the company are. It depends upon various factors related to the workplace and the condition of everyday life at their office. The benefits and pay the employees receive for their time and hard work is also another factor that influences employee satisfaction.

The company is not only about work and results because the goal of every company is dependent upon the employees who contribute their time to the company. A workplace is a composition of the people who work there and by extension, their emotional, physical, and social well-being.

Employee satisfaction leads to employee engagement which leads to the success of the company. You need to make sure the employees love their job and are highly motivated. The employee satisfaction survey is the best method to understand and analyze how healthy and motivating your workplace environment is.

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Examples of Employee Satisfaction Survey

The employee satisfaction survey is designed to answer questions about several variables that influence an employee’s loyalty towards the company.

  • Health Benefits
  • Compensation and Perks
  • Managers and Team members
  • Career Development
  • Work Environment
  • Work Distribution

According to SHRM, respectful treatment of employees at all levels has proved to be an important factor that contributes to employee satisfaction in the US.

Some questions you can use to ask your employees to understand how they feel about their role in the company.

  • Is the goal and objectives of the organization clearly visible?
  • Do you see yourself working for the same organization for the next 3 to 5 years?
  • How meaningful do you find your role in the organization?
  • Are you satisfied with your job description?
  • Do you feel comfortable and motivated with your team?
  • Do you feel your team is challenging to work with?
  • Do you struggle with your work?
  • Do you feel valued as a team member and by your superior?
  • Is there a scope for career development and growth with the work assigned to you?
  • How do you feel about your salary/payment?
  • Working for this organization, can you keep a healthy balance between personal and work life?
  • Do your managers discuss your performance and provide you constructive criticism?
Employee Satisfaction Survey employee satisfaction survey

Tips for Effective Employee Survey

The more you get to know your employee the better you understand their satisfaction or dissatisfaction. It is also important that you gather as much data as possible to get reliable data that can represent the employees of the company.

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Tips for Effective Employee Survey

he more you get to know your employee the better you understand their satisfaction or dissatisfaction. It is also important that you gather as much data as possible to get reliable data that can represent the employees of the company.

Confidential Survey

Employees may not honestly provide feedback if you ask them out in open. They would rather avoid confrontation. Surveys in anonymous format give the employees the opportunity, to be honest. They may provide feedback with constructive and in-depth analysis. With anonymity, they will feel secure and as a result, you will receive reviews and comments about their honest feeling towards the company.

Give them full information

If the employees are under the impression that the survey would not reap results, they may not feel motivated to provide accurate feedback. It is important that the employees receive information on where the feedback will go and how it will be used to create changes across the organization. If the employees are given the confidence that the higher-ups will listen to their opinion, the employees may feel motivated.

Communicate the results

Additionally, you must also discuss and communicate the actions based on past surveys. Such discussion will encourage the employees and will win their confidence. They will feel valued that their opinions are heard and valued. Regular surveys and regular updates on the changes implemented will create a big picture of how happy the employees are and the improvement of the company.

Establish Benchmark

Benchmark gives you a platform to compare the improvement or downfall of the company. Every time you conduct a survey you understand the employees a little better. With more and more surveys the result will become valuable and you can compare the most recent result with the previous result. The comparison will give you a better idea of how the changes are benefiting the company.

Employee Satisfaction Survey employee satisfaction survey

Types of Employee Satisfaction Survey

Employee satisfaction surveys can be formed online with the help of templates available. These templates are formed in different forms to give the most benefit depending on the need of the researcher.

360 Survey: 360 surveys give you the benefit of conducting a company-wide survey on employees.

Pulse survey: Pulse survey analyses the mood and morale of the employees with a short and simple question.

Benefits of Employee Satisfaction Survey

According to Gallup research, organizations with engaged and satisfied employee lead to

  • 27% high profit
  • 50% high sales
  • 50% high customer loyalty
  • 38% above-average productivity

Low Turnover

High employee satisfaction leads to employee engagement which will in return result in low employee turnover. Moreover, if the employees are allowed to express their thoughts and feel valued, it will reduce dissatisfaction. Training and hiring new staff is expensive and includes more work. Keeping low employee turnover benefits the company.

Training Requirements

Employee satisfaction surveys can also provide data on the skills the employees lack which can create frustration in the workplace. The data from the survey can be used to understand the necessary skills and training required for employees. Such training can then be arranged with the help of senior employees.


Satisfied employees who spend five days a week in your company are the most loyal and reliable source of promotion. Positive reviews about the company on the company site or other reviews site can help the reputation of the company. Happy employees also attract happy customers.

Employee Satisfaction Survey employee satisfaction survey

Mistakes to avoid in Employee Satisfaction Survey

Long Questionnaire: A short survey is much better than a long survey. Employees have to focus on their works, so they may find long surveys as an interruption.

Unclear interaction: New employees or interns may not understand the motive behind the surveys. The researchers must clear any misunderstanding and give a proper explanation about the reason to conduct the research.

Too big gap: Surveys conducted after a long interval will leave many issues unsolved and unaddressed. It is better to conduct an employee survey once or twice every year. This will help you see how the changes improve the workplace environment and employee satisfaction.

No Action: Conducting a survey means giving hope to the employee that changes will be implemented or issues will be addressed. However, if such is not the intention it is better to not conduct surveys.

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