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What is a matrix question?

A matrix question is a collection of multiple-choice questions presented in a grid of rows and columns. The rows ask the responders the questions, while the columns provide a set of predetermined answer options for each question in the row. The answer options are frequently on a scale.

When to use matrix questions?

When asking numerous questions in a scaled manner regarding the same subject, it is ideal to utilize Matrix questions. They can be used as a standalone mini-survey or as a single-question type within a bigger questionnaire. Matrix questions are ideal for: because they are closed-ended, established solutions that apply to a sequence of questions.

  • Customer satisfaction/experience surveys
  • In a bigger questionnaire, questions regarding a subtopic.
  • Combining many rating-scale questions into a more manageable structure.

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Tips for writing matrix survey question

When creating matrix questions, you must ensure that your survey respondents have a positive experience. This encourages people to participate in additional surveys in the future.

  • Response Alternatives: Limit the number of response options to 4-5. This eliminates confusion and allows your responders to readily select among the responses.
  • Shorten the Response Phrasing: Keep the response wording brief and to the point. This guarantees that your responders have a better grasp of the replies as well as a better mobile experience.
  • Do not exceed five rows: Limit the number of questions to no more than five rows. Aside from that, the matrix fits awkwardly on a page. Furthermore, your responders may become bored with the unexpected influx of a lot of questions. 
  • Do Not Ask Unrelated Questions: When preparing the survey, it is tempting to ask questions that are unrelated to a specific product/service. This may lead to your consumer providing wrong replies. As a result, limit your matrix queries to a single subtopic.
  • Keep your language simple and free of jargon: Use basic language so that your intended audience can grasp the question in a single reading. Avoid using industry jargon, which may confound your respondents.

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Types of matrix question

Like conventional multiple-choice questions, matrix questions can be single-selection or multiple-selection. This implies that a respondent can select a single response choice per row or many answer choices per row.

Matrix questions may be included in comparative analysis surveys to better understand how a product or brand compares to competitors’ offerings.

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Benefits of matrix survey question

  1. Space Saving: Because the matrix survey is shown in row-column style, large pages of questions and replies are avoided. A good number of 4-5 questions and their answers can easily fit on a single page. When your survey responder sees only one question, they feel at ease.
  2. Reduced Survey Response Time: Matrix survey questions have a consistent pattern with the same response possibilities for each question. As a result, your survey respondents may easily train their minds to answer the questions. A standard survey questionnaire, on the other hand, has multiple alternatives for each topic, which might even confuse your target audience.
  3. Increased Survey Responses: With a clear single-page style and simple answer alternatives, your respondents will be eager to complete the survey, resulting in higher survey response rates.
  4. Eliminates Monotony: Attending back-to-back survey questions might get tiresome if they include a mix of long and short response questions. Each of these questions necessitates a thorough thought process. However, matrix question and answer minimize repetition by grouping questions on the same topic under one heading. Your target audience should simply concentrate on the product as a whole by picking comparable answer alternatives.

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Drawbacks of matrix survey questions

When it comes to data quality, mobile responsiveness, and other factors, matrix questions confront hurdles.

Straight Lining Effect

Although a matrix survey allows for speedy responses, your respondents may wind up picking the identical answers for two rows if they are not given careful thought. This may cause the survey to be skewed with false replies.

Low Data Quality

A matrix with too many rows or columns might alter the data quality by confusing your target audience. They may either offer an erroneous response or leave the survey entirely.

Poor Mobile Responsiveness Probability

According to research, around 30% of consumers answer surveys using mobile phones. As a result, if matrix questions are not created and formatted appropriately, they seem deformed on mobile. This can result in high survey drop-out rates.

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